By OnMilwaukee Staff Writers   Published Oct 15, 2011 at 1:03 PM

From modern folk music to an all-natural way to quench your thirst, this week's Recommends has it all.

AA Bondy – Believers (Fat Possum) – Over the course of three LPs, modern folkie Bondy has been honing and evolving his sound which can no longer really even be called folk anymore. The acoustic guitar/harmonica/vocal approach is giving way more and more to an ethereal electric sound, the production is getting more and more atmospheric and the songs more and more are moving away from the basic folk structures. As a result, the records just keep getting better and better and "Believers" is easily his most accomplished and engaging record to date. It's accessible and melodic and its warmer sound make it extremely welcoming; a great place for a Bondy newbie to become a fan. I'd pick out some favorites to name here, but the 10-song set is solid from top to bottom. Go and get it and hear for yourself. – Bobby Tanzilo

Zevia all-natural soda – It took me a couple of cans to get used to the "weird" taste, but now I find myself craving Zevia, a zero-calorie soda made with the natural sweetener stevia. Why I didn't just stop drinking the soda after determining it had a weird taste is beyond me. Probably because I like the idea of drinking something low-cal other than coffee or water. I'd imagine the first time I tasted Diet Coke, I felt the same way, but over time, I actually preferred the taste of diet to regular Coke. I rarely if ever drink Diet Coke anymore, and I certainly won't be stocking up on Zevia either, but for a special treat, I will occasionally hike up to Whole Foods and buy myself a can of the ginger root beer or the Dr. Zevia. Try it and let me know what you think. – Molly Snyder

Blue Canary in the Outlet by the Light Switch – When I saw this nightlight, I knew I had to have it. My 3-year-old is a little afraid of the dark, and her favorite band is They Might Be Giants. Specifically, "Flood," which opens with "Birdhouse In Your Soul." So what if my daughter doesn’t exactly get the reference; my wife and I do, and at a mere $13, it’s well worth a laugh at this 21-year-old joke. The nightlight is cute, and because it’s a light-sensitive LED bulb, it’s energy-efficient, too. Those guys at are pretty clever. But when will they make a Triangle Man action figure? – Andy Tarnoff

Lime Crime Cosmetics Every eye makeup junkie knows the secret to long lasting, smooth shadow is the use of an eye shadow primer. I've been using a cult fave for years personally and professionally, but Lime Crime Cosmetics has changed my brand. Lime Crime makeup was created by L.A./New York makeup artist Doe Deere and the company mascot is a unicorn. I was in at unicorn! I became interested when I saw Lime Crime's line of unconventionally colored lipsticks. Lime Crime generously sent me a goodie bag with their "Candy Eyed Eye Shadow Helper" and several eye shadows (in super bright, highly pigmented shades perfect for everyday fun or using special for Halloween.) The Candy Eyed Eye Shadow Helper is hands down (eyes down, too) the best eye shadow primer I have ever used. Smooth, matte and colorless, it truly makes shadows brighter and not move an inch all day long. It even helps eyeliner stay in place. A true beauty miracle product, it will change your eye shadow life forever. – Lindsay Garric

"Milwaukee Braves: A Baseball Eulogy" by Bob Buege – My father bought me this book when I was in the sixth grade, not long after my declaration that I was giving up on the Brewers and becoming a Braves fan. The old man wasn't about to let his kid root for a team that ditched town and after he got me a Milwaukee Braves hat and was asked "what the heck was that," he had his boy do some reading. I read this volume in about three days and was hooked on that team ever since. Pick up a copy for yourself, or for your favorite baseball fan, and relieve the glory days of baseball in Milwaukee. – Andrew Wagner