By OnMilwaukee Staff Writers   Published Dec 31, 2009 at 4:04 PM

It's New Year's Eve and while we're gearing up for the start of a new year (or decade, depending on how you look at things), the editorial staff still has some suggestions for you as you say goodbye to '09 and ring in 2010. 

Ribeye steak sandwich at Capital Grille -- You might not think of the Capital Grille, 310 W. Wisconsin Ave. as a lunch spot, but they have a good selection of burgers, sandwiches and salads that make it worth a stop. The ribeye sandwich is especially good, served with carmelized onions and harvati cheese on a grilled French loaf. Have a cup of lobster bisque and you've got a lunch that will keep you happy all afternoon. -- Drew Olson

Staying home on New Year's Eve -- I don't hate crowds. I don't hate "amateurs." But, I like staying home on New Year's Eve. For me, it's a night to make a special dinner (steak and lobster tail this year), drink good wine and rest up for the new year. Whatever you do, stay safe. -- D.O. -- In this era of saturation coverage and analysis, it's tough to find places for fresh information. This site, admittedly geared toward NFL geeks with a statistical bent, does a terrific job of crunching numbers and making compelling arguments. Packers fans will love reading why the site feels the Vikings won't win the Super Bowl, no matter how Brett Favre plays. -- D.O.

411 East Shoe Shine -- A great shoe shine is a bit of a lost art, but thankfully there are still several good shines available in and around Downtown Milwaukee. I like Steve's style and personality at 411 E. Wisconsin Ave. He's easy going, funny and personable and knows his shoes. Stop in or call ahead at (414) 793-7468. Cost is $8 a pair. --  Jeff Sherman

Burt's Bees Beeswax Lip Balm -- I'm not exactly addicted to lip balm, but I carry it and use it several times daily. My current choice is cooling and refreshing. Made by Burt's Bees, the basic beeswax balm has just enough peppermint oil to give it a nice kick without stinging. -- J.S.

Miller Lite Free Rides -- Listen, we're going to make this simple: don't drive tonight. Maybe you were smart and picked a designated driver or whatever, but -- as mom always said -- it's the other goofballs on the road that are the problem. The bus is free tonight, so if you're out and about Downtown or on the East Side, hop on and save yourself time and money ... and protect yourself from drunken idiots ringing in the new year with an ill-advised drive home. -- Andrew Wagner

Reformatting your hard drive -- I'm kind of anal about my computers (yeah, yeah...) so at least once every few months, I like to do a fresh re-install of my operating system and programs. Not only does it give you a good excuse to backup (and organize) all of your important files, music, pictures and movies, it cleans up your system, restores some speed and also elminates any hidden virus and spyware issues. If you have an hour or two to kill over the weekend, give it a shot and reap the benefits. -- A.W.