By OnMilwaukee Staff Writers   Published Jan 10, 2008 at 5:28 AM

Tunatic -- Ever find yourself watching TV and you hear a song but don't know what it is? Problem solved. Just download this tiny application for your PC or Mac. Assuming you have a DVR (and if you don't, why not?), rewind to the exact spot, hold your laptop up to the screen and within seconds Tunatic tells you the song and artist. It really works, and it's really free. --Andy Tarnoff

Fire on Fire -- I heard this South Portland, Maine band on KEXP's "Music That Matters" Podcast and loved the folksy sound from the start. The DJ played a song off their latest release on Young God Records, immediately following a new Bonny "Prince" Billy track and I actually thought it was one long song, if that gives you a feel for the music. Gritty, yet melodic, and chock full of beautiful banjo, accordion and upright bass. Check them out here. --Julie Lawrence

MSOE hockey games at the Kern Center -- My friend Kevin Brandt, who majors in irreverence every morning with Dave and Carole on WKLH (96.5 FM), took me to the St. Norbert-MSOE game last Friday night. For $5 (adult price), you get to watch compelling, competitive puck in a sparkling arena within stumbling distance of the bars on Water Street. There were plenty of families on hand (kids get in for $3) and it's a great way to start an evening. I still love the Admirals, but can see myself dipping down to the grassroots level for a game or two each season. --Drew Olson

Making homemade hummus -- I just got a food processor for the holidays, and I broke it in with a batch of hummus. I will never buy prepackaged hummus again. For about the same price, you get twice as much hummus as when you buy it. Plus, it's so easy to make and you can "doctor it up" according to what you like, which is crucial for someone like myself who prefers to add pine nuts -- and way more garlic and lemon than store-bought hummus usually offers. --Molly Snyder Edler

Orangina -- I gave up soda about three years ago. Yet, the desire to down a citric acid-filled beverage still tempts and I give in a few times per month. Orangina fills the void, and -- who am I kidding? -- it's basically soda in a 12 percent juice shell. It would be better with natural sugar instead of corn syrup, but this sparkling citrus beverage is still mighty tasty. --Jeff Sherman

Whole Foods Market recipe list -- While searching for something to do with the pound of fresh okra I'd just purchased from El Rey for less than a dollar, I stumbled upon a recipe for "Quick Vegetarian Gumbo" and the link led me to the Whole Foods Market Web site. Once I got there I was impressed to discover a lengthy list of other temping recipes from meats, pastas, salads, desserts, everything. Also, the vegetarian section is divided between dairy-free, with tofu or tempeh, and with cheese or other dairy, each with more than 20 ideas. The gumbo, by the way, is delicious. --J.L.

Jake Voskuhl -- To the casual fan, the Bucks season so far has been a disaster. Ever the optimist, I think it's far from over and can still be saved. One reason for my positive outlook is Jake Voskuhl. He seems to "get it," with "it" being team play and enthusiasm. The former UConn star plays hard, show emotion and seems to care. He only has a one-year deal with the Bucks, but his style and bench leadership should earn him a longer stay. Watch Voskuhl the next time you check out the Bucks. --J.S.

Nabisco's 100-calorie snack packs -- An hour before dinner. Two hours before bed. The middle of a Saturday afternoon. Those are the "danger hours" when the bag of tortilla chips, pretzels, Wheat Thins and other salty snacks sound their siren song. Nabisco has come up with the brilliant idea of packaging some popular snack foods, like Cheese Nips, Chips Ahoy and others, into single-serving size bags that contain 100 calories. While they might not represent the most economical purchase, you can find the boxes on sale at Target and it's a great way to satiate the craving for salty or sweet snacks without overindulging. --D.O.