By OnMilwaukee Staff Writers   Published Mar 22, 2007 at 5:29 AM

Welcome to another installment of "OMC Recommends," a periodic look at cool things that we like and think you should know about.

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Ted Leo & The Pharmacists' "Living with the Living" -- It's been about four years since Ted Leo's "Hearts of Oak" surfaced, making us more than pleased to announce that in the interim the band has gotten cozy with its new record label, Chicago's Touch & Go, and subsequently released "Living with the Living" last week. Ever the punk rock politico, Ted Leo's latest is saturated in modern day war references and satirical government bashing, making it safe to say that, you know, not that much has changed over the years. But do not let this information discourage you. Leo and his Pharmacists seem virtually incapable of writing songs that don't swoon you with melody and challenge you with intellect, so, to use the old adage: if it ain't broke, don't fix it. --Julie Lawrence

Pilobolus Dance Theatre -- This dance troupe took the Academy Awards by force creating images behind screens of the different nominated movies. It's awe-inspiring how seamlessly the troupe comes together using their bodies to create different forms. So after scouring YouTube, some of the dancers actually have a video blog (user: PilobolusDance). The group doesn't take themselves seriously so it's pretty funny. There are also plenty of videos of the Oscar performances and the Hyundai commercial the group did. -- Heather Leszczewicz

"We Walked In Song" by the Innocence Mission -- I have followed the Innocence Mission since the release of their first, self-titled album in 1989. Last week, the husband-wife duo from Lancaster, Penn. released their ninth record, "We Walked In Song," and it's every bit as captivating and lovely as their first. Many female vocalists are described as having the voice or persona of a "woman child," but IM lead singer Karen Peris takes the cake. Her sweet and melancholy style makes me want to knit, weep, hike, pine, write poetry and drink wine - all at the same time. Most interesting is the fact Innocence Mission was one of the first "alt-Christian" groups, but luckily for the those of us who are spiritually less defined, Peris is always sparse and poetic, so the "God stuff" is metaphorical. -- Molly Snyder Edler

Pesto pizza at Oakland Trattoria -- Years ago, Oakland Trattoria included a pesto pizza on its menu of wood-fired pizzas. Never one to take no for an answer, I kept ordering it even after it disappeared, and was always pleased that the restaurant was eager to accommodate my request. That's because they don't dollop some crappy pesto ono a pizza Margherita. No, this is the real thing. Dough, pesto, a little oil, some cheese and that's it. Packed with basil flavor and a nice salty tang from the cheese, this is some of Milwaukee's best pizza. -- Bobby Tanzilo

Coca-Cola Classic -- I know it's bad for me. I know that I don't need 140 empty calories of high-fructose syrup and caramel coloring. I know I'd be better off drinking water or another healthy beverage. I don't do it often, but every once in awhile I reach for the red and white can and revel in the secret formula of the world's most popular soft drink. I had one the other day that was so cold it practically burned my throat. I had a Coke. I smiled. Damn, it was good. -- Drew Olson

"Infinity on High" by Fall Out Boy -- I feel ashamed for liking this CD, but I can't help myself. It's infectious music that I can't turn off. On talent alone, this is a good CD. One could only wish that the band could reign in bassist Pete Wentz's over-the-top antics that overshadow the group. Check out the songs "Thnks Fr th Mmrs" and "Hum Hallelujah." -- H.L.