By OnMilwaukee Staff Writers   Published Mar 27, 2008 at 5:33 AM

Dark chocolate pecan turtles from Kehr's -- You can probably tell that I spend a bit too much time at the Milwaukee Public Market. For months, I resisted its westernmost vendor, Kehr's Candies. Now, I'm hooked and more than sold on their dark chocolate pecan turtles. The salty, sweet interplay and the caramel-chocolate union ... yum. I don't even know what they cost, since I've usually finished it before I even get my wallet out. Buy by the pound or, as I do, just one for a quick dessert. Learn more here. --Jeff Sherman

"She Left Me for Jesus" by Hayes Carll -- We don't engage in blasphemy very often in the editorial office. (It's actually quieter -- and a lot busier -- than you might imagine.) This song, which was a free download on iTunes, gave us a chuckle. Carll, a Houston singer-songwriter from the Townes Van Zandt-Guy Clark tree, brings it home in the chorus: "She left me for Jesus / And that just ain't fair / She says that He's perfect/ How could I compare? / She says I should find Him/ and I'd know peace at last / If I ever find Jesus / I'm kicking his ass." It's funnier when set to twangy music. Check it out. --Drew Olson

Fresh pita bread from Attari Supermarket -- For me, the biggest disappointment with eating homemade falafel sandwiches instead restaurant-made ones is the pita selection. Before discovering the freshly-baked pita bread offered at Attari, a small Middle Eastern grocer at 3042 S. 13th St., the pitas I'd find at commercial grocery stores were always thin, hard and crumbly. I longed for the large, soft and doughy bread I got at Aladdin -- Tastes of the East at the Milwaukee Public Market, or at Sultan's Market in Chicago, but couldn't seem to find them. Attari's bread now makes it possible for me to re-create "authentic" falafel sandwiches at home. They bake it fresh daily and you can get a package of eight for $2. Attari Supermarket is open Monday through Saturday from 10 a.m. to 10 p.m. and on Sunday from 10 a.m. until 9 p.m. --Julie Lawrence

Online mix tapes -- Two new services launched within a day of each other that give users the ability to customize a mix tape and send or embed the "tape" for others to hear. provides a search through Seeqpod that gives you a choice of tracks from which to choose. Put them in order and send the link or embed the player into your favorite social network. Its in-browser player even looks like a cassette and as each track is served, the artist and title are "handwritten" onto the tape. is super (super!) easy to use. Instead of searching for limited tracks, Muxtape lets you upload your own music and provides a clean url to send to your friends. Since these are both new services, they are lacking in some areas. Search is limited, some tracks don't play, playback can be slow, and Muxtape doesn't provide an embed code. But look for gradual improvements over time, as Mixwit has plans to integrate other services, such as the photo site, Flickr and video site YouTube. What Muxtape lacks in functionality it makes up for sleek simplicity. Both services are free. --Jason McDowell

Archer Farms Jamaican Jerk potato crisps -- Always a sucker for salty snacks, I tossed a bag of these crisps into the cart at Target recently and quickly fell in love. They crisp, spicy and delicious. I'm not naïve enough to believe that there really is an Archer Farm anywhere in the U.S., but the products I've sampled from Target's grocery line have ranged from consistently above average to outstanding. If you've tried the guacamole chips, or the buffalo wings chips, let me know how they fared in your taste test. --D.O.

540 ESPN Radio's Text Club -- I know, I know senior editor Drew Olson hosts a show on ESPN radio every day, and full disclosure: is a marketing partner of the station. All cronyism aside, I love the station's new "Text Club." Face it, sometimes you just can't keep track of all the local sports that you need to. Getting text messages the instant a game is over or a trade happens helps. Bucks game over? You get an instant text with score and basic details. It's cool. Sign up only for teams you care about and get access to send texts to the station when you need to rant. Sign up here--J.S.