By OnMilwaukee Staff Writers   Published Apr 16, 2009 at 11:03 AM

These are a few of our favorite things this week:

Good Harvest Market -- Located at 346 N. Broadway, Good Harvest Market is coming into its own. I love this little Third Ward stop and its prices and selection of groceries are now very competitive. Its new beer selection is solid, too. Add free coffee (with purchase) and this is a nice little grocery option. Need a new, quick grocery stop? Try Good Harvest Market. It's a part of the Milwaukee Public Market and located just across the street. April specials are here.  --Jeff Sherman

"Rescue Me" -- Even if you're a big fan of Denis Leary's New York firefighters drama, you can admit that last season was a little wobbly and a year-and-a-half hiatus didn't exactly spark high hopes for a comeback. Well, it's back. The show's fifth season is off to a rocking start with interesting plot twists, an appearance by Michael J. Fox and a story line that looks forward and backward at the same time (with people preparing for the 10th anniversary of the 9/11 attacks). Denis Leary and friends have beaten the odds and the show is worth a spot on your DVR. --Drew Olson

"The Complete Tony Bennett/Bill Evans Recordings" (Fantasy) -- In 1975, one of the most respected pianists in jazz teamed with the inimitable Tony Bennett to record what would become "The Tony Bennett/Bill Evans Album," which showcased these iconic talents and their unique interplay. The results were so engaging -- it was the rare session in which the pianist wasn't just supporting the singer, but was getting equal play -- that they reunited a little more than a year later to record "Together Again." Both LPs are here -- on two CDs -- in their entirety along with two bonus tracks from the latter sessions and 20 alternate takes from both records. A 17-page essay lays out the history and explores what makes these records so beloved and respected. --Bobby Tanzilo -- Got a lot of crap you don't want? We all do. But as they say, one person's trash is another person's treasure, and in that vein, we present this little gem of a Web site. is a free and easy place to ditch all those items you'll never read again -- the DVDs you bought because they were a dollar, music you're now ashamed of and those video games you've outgrown. You create a profile and the rest is all laid out clearly for you in categories. Once you've secured a proper swap, the only cost you incur is the shipping. Not good at the whole barter system? The site offers helpful suggestions for what your item is worth in trade, as well as what you'd need to offer up in order to obtain someone else's tempting share. Pretty cool stuff here. --Julie Lawrence

MLB.TV -- During these tough economic times, It may seem outlandish to spend $109.95 (or $19.95 per month) to watch baseball games on your computer. But, the offering from MLB.TV is pretty spectacular. You can get HD-quality video, a DVR function, picture-in-picture and multi-game viewing. Be advised that you won't be able to get most Brewers games, which are blacked out, but if you love an out-of-market team this is a pretty great way to keep up with the action. --D.O.

"Sinatra: Vegas" -- This 4 CD/1 DVD box set captures classic and free-flowing Sinatra shows at the Sands, Caesar's, and the Golden Nugget. I love Disc Two, it's 1966 recordings with the Count Basie Orchestra at the Sands (Sinatra was part-owner) -- so it's pure gold and classic Sinatra. --J.S.

The Concept2 Rowing Machine -- I've never had to wait to use the rowing machine at the health club, which is both good and bad. It's good, because I don't like waiting and my time in the gym is limited. It's bad, because my fellow weekend warriors are missing out on a great full-body workout. My friends in the fitness industry say that the rowing machine packs a punch when it comes to a full-body workout. So, I'm recommending that others jump on -- as long as I can finish first. --D.O.

The NHL playoffs -- The Admirals are playing in the American Hockey League playoffs and the action at the Bradley Center is first-rate. When the home team is off or out of town, check out the Stanley Cup playoffs on Versus (Channel 525 on Time Warner Digital Cable). Even if you don't like hockey, you'll gain an appreciation for the energy and dedication and the fabulous pictures. My friend, Peter, is a huge New Jersey Devils fan and I don't expect to see him until his squad is eliminated. --D.O.