By OnMilwaukee Staff Writers   Published May 22, 2008 at 5:31 AM

We in the editorial office are always looking for good food and quality service and this week our search takes us to Bosley on Brady (pictured) and a terrific car wash. Plus, an aversion to ironing and a one-stop shopping center for sports news.

Bosley on Brady -- Until last Friday, I had only sampled appetizers and drinks at Bosley, 815 E. Brady St. Why did I wait so long to dive into the full menu? Wow. Simply divine. Pan sautéed grouper Oscar was amazing. Honestly, amazing might be too cautious. My wife's filet with mashed potatoes also was wonderful. I also had time to sample more of Bosley's smaller plates / appetizers. The potato and zucchini chips drizzled with Gorgonzola -- look out! Pistachio scallops -- yum. Everything was great, and I can't stress this enough. Ask no questions, just make a reservation today. Call (414) 727-7975. P.S. Save room for the blueberry cobbler and key lime pie! --Jeff Sherman

Trader Joe's Three Layer Hummus -- A few months ago, I recommended making your own hummus. That was before I sampled this delectable combo featuring a layer of cilantro hummus, topped with traditional hummus and finished with a layer of roasted red pepper. It's like the spumoni ice cream of Middle Eastern dips! It reminds me of eating an Oreo: You have to decide how you want to approach it. Sometimes I eat each layer separately, scraping off the red pepper layer with chips until I reach the middle, then the traditional layer and so forth. Other times I am less patient -- or desiring a full-on flavor eruption -- and plunge a chip right through all three layers. Either way, it's a fab snack or a meal in itself. --Molly Snyder Edler -- There are countless Web sites devoted to sports. Some are good. Some are sophomoric. Some are horrific. is a digest of links to the top sports stories of the day in Major League Baseball, the National Football League, the National Hockey League and the National Basketball Association. No frills. No attitude. Just a quick, no-nonsense look at what's happening. --Drew Olson

Easy Iron shirts at H&M -- Astute readers of this column probably know about my aversion to ironing. I hate it and I'm terrible at it. I've already written about homemade wrinkle releaser, but I'll take it up a notch with two "recs" this week. First, why bother ironing at all when you can just buy a dress shirt that doesn't require pressing? I'm pretty sure someone invented this concept with polyester, but leisure suits just gave that material a bad name (though not to me, as from time to time I still bust out that powder blue number I bought at rummage sale in high school). These cotton-poly blend simple shirts don't look nearly as cheap as their $14 price tag, and while a little ironing helps, it's not necessary if you take them out of the dryer right away. They come in solid colors like navy, brown, gray and white. I'd send you to H&M's Web site, but for some inexplicable reason, it doesn't do eCommerce. Instead, iron-loathing dudes will have to schlep to Bayshore. --Andy Tarnoff

Home Touch PS-200 Perfect Steam Commercial Garment Steamer  -- Since you can't stock your entire wardrobe with Easy Iron shirts, sometimes ironing is inevitable. Unless you have a steamer. In college, I had one of those portable models, and it didn't do much for my wrinkly clothes -- though my roommate and I did enjoy scalding each other when the other wasn't looking. This spring, I stepped up to this upright model, and it really works. Admittedly, if your clothes start in a wrinkled ball, this steamer won't make them perfect. But if they come from the dryer in a reasonably wrinkly condition, a minute or two of steaming really works. This bad boy fires up in less than 45 seconds, and though it lists for about $56, it's frequently on sale. I got mine for less than $38. --A.T.

Wash Brite Auto & Oil Change -- Dad always said that a clean car runs better than a dirty one. I know that's not true, but it's hard to deny the psychological benefit of going to the car wash. Wash Brite, located at 7238 W. North Ave., is one of the best I've found. You get out of the car, wait inside and the Wash Brite crew pampers your ride inside and out. You can pay for a basic wash or shell out for a major detailing. Either way, your wheels will thank you. --D.O.

Lakeshore State Park -- I usually forget that this park exists, but it's a great place to walk or run. Formerly known as Harbor Island, Lakeshore State Park (next to Discovery World and moments from Summerfest) is the only urban state park in Wisconsin. Open until 10 p.m. daily, it is full of great views and has a trail that connects to the Hank Aaron State Trail and the Oak Leaf Trail, completing a path from Lake Michigan's shore to the banks of the Mississippi River. Need a new or just a different place for your walk or run? Try Lakeshore State Park. --J.S.

"Tailgate Tips" on Brewers' broadcasts -- Chef Jerry Garcia dispenses quick grilling / cooking tips during commercial breaks on FSN Wisconsin. I usually find something cool on these quick hits. The recipes are available online and the portabella and gorgonzola stuffed sirloin steaks and the jerk chicken sandwiches with fresh banana salsa just may make it onto my picnic table this summer. --D.O.

Vlasic Stackers Banana Pepper Rings -- They've become an indispensable condiment in my kitchen. The little rings spice up hot dogs, brats and sandwiches to the point where those items seem naked without them. --D.O.