By OnMilwaukee Staff Writers   Published May 29, 2008 at 5:29 AM

Bio-Enviro multi-purpose cleaners -- Thanks to our green month content in April, we've been hearing from a number of green businesses and one of the most interesting so far is New Jersey-based Bio-Enviro which makes a hypoallergenic, ecologically safe, biodegradable household cleaner that is repellent to pests.

So, while it's not a pesticide, using the cleaner will help keep the bugs away. You can buy three versions -- a light cleaning one designed for glass and other light duty; a general cleaning one for all-purpose clean-up; and a heavy-duty one that cuts grease. I've tried them and they work great on glass, bathroom floors (I'll save you the gory details on why this was necessary!), range tops and dog vomit.

So, they'll likely work on anything. They have a mildly minty scent and you can also buy a concentrated version that can be used to wash floors, to help boost your laundry results, etc. Because they don't have ammonia and ingredients like that, you can also use less of it because, for example, when doing windows, it doesn't start to evaporate like conventional window cleaners do. Owner Jim Miele has graciously offered a 10 percent discount to readers who order direct. Just use this coupon code when ordering: OM200810%. --Bobby Tanzilo -- The reasons to buy used and vintage clothing are growing exponentially. There's the cash-saving factor, the environmental factor, the ever-important hipster factor and there's a charity factor. collects thrift store rarities and yard sale gems, posts pictures and clever little blurbs about them in a blog and sells each T-shirt for $7 (with a $3 shipping fee). The coolest part about the project is that $1 from each goes to the River Revitalization Foundation, which is working to revitalize the city's river trails and waterways. As founder Tim Cigelske says, "Reduce. Reuse. Teecycle." --Julie Lawrence

Denny's kids' menu -- I know, I know: This is a chain restaurant that has a mediocre reputation, but on a recent journey to the North Side to shop at Stein Garden and Gifts, we visited Denny's, 8001 W. Brown Deer Rd., on a whim. It had been years since we ate at a Denny's -- my last visit was during college and I went to the now-defunct Port Washington Road location to claim my free breakfast -- but this time we were pleasantly surprised by their space-themed kids' menu. No, it's not healthy food, but if you can put your organic sensibilities aside, there are some super fun eats available. My little guys loved the smiley alien pancakes ($2.79), featuring a pancake "face" and a sausage link and bacon strip for the "antennae." A few orange slices and a whipped cream smile completed this cosmic breakfast. Oh, and best of all? Their orange juice came in a rocket-shaped cup they got to take home. Blast off. --Molly Snyder Edler

Tide to Go -- A coffee mishap this week forced me to detour to Pick ‘N Save on the way to work in search of a stain removal device. I went with the Tide to Go "instant stain remover," and I'm here to report that it worked like a charm. Just shake, press and rub the pen-like device on the stain and, like magic, it's gone. Works best, I hear, when the stain is fresh. I caught mine within 15 minutes and the huge coffee spot was removed from my very white shirt. It costs about $3.50. --Jeff Sherman

"Pleased to Meet Me" by The Replacements -- Is anybody else out there suffering from iPod fatigue? Is it possible to get sick of 7,000 songs at the same time? I still love it for working out and walking the dog, but my iPod just doesn't surprise me any more -- even when the songs are shuffling. It was getting so bad that I thought about popping for a satellite radio unit, but the idea of spending $15 a month to listen to the radio seemed a bit extravagant. Then, out of the clear blue, "Can't Hardly Wait" came on and I spun through rest of the album. You can argue that the earlier, raw Replacements stuff is more formidable, but this collection sounds as vibrant today as it did two decades ago. --Drew Olson

Fred Soll incense -- I am extremely picky about incense, and Fred Soll is one of the few brands I find worthy of sparking up in my abode. Its tagline is "resin on a stick" and, indeed, the sticky, globby incense from New Mexico is hand-dipped in all natural resin. I'm a big fan of the Dragon's Blood because it reminds me of going to church with my grandparents as a kid and the Patchouli Desert. The good stuff will cost you -- most packages cost $11 for 20 sticks -- but one stick will last a long time. In fact, if you burn the whole thing down, your house will smell and look like a hazy opium den, which I don't recommend. Fred Soll incense is now available at Green Fields, 1800 N. Farwell Ave. --Molly Snyder Edler

Body Worlds -- "Body Worlds" days are numbered at the Milwaukee Public Museum. If you procrastinated, hit it anytime this weekend since it's open 24/7 and for a total of 63 straight hours on the final weekend. It closes June 1. I also recommend purchasing the audio tour, which adds to the experience. --J.S.