By OnMilwaukee Staff Writers   Published Jun 04, 2009 at 8:27 AM

The conversation in the editorial office was all over the map this week, so the recommendations travel in some strange avenues (hopefully by bicycle). We start with a combination razor / shaving cream dispenser known as the Titan 6 (pictured). And, then we move on to some cool music, a great sandwich, a very fiscally responsible iPhone app, a ride to the Brewers' game and a handy hygiene hint.

These are a few of our favorite things this week:

ShaveMate Titan 6 disposable razor -- I've never been a fan of disposable razors, mostly because every one I've ever used has been basically worthless. Instead, I use the Gillette Fusion. When traveling, carrying that razor usually means the blade will fall in the bottom of my dop kit, and I'll waste valuable space bringing along travel-sized shaving cream. The folks at ShaveMate, however, sent me their new six-blade razor, the Titan 6, this week, and it's changed the way I feel about disposable razors. First, this thing has six blades. To the best of my knowledge, that's a razor record. Even though it's disposable, light and plastic-y, it does about as good of a job as my Fusion. Also, the Titan 6 has a pressurized canister of shaving cream built into the handle, which has obvious benefits for traveling. The razor isn't perfect -- the shaving cream is that cheap foamy stuff (I'm more of a sensitive skin gel sort of guy), and it's obviously disposable, which means you can't buy replacement blades. If you could, I'd probably switch to the Titan 6 for everyday use. Instead, I plan on taking it along with me on future vacations from here on out. Both the men's and women's version are available in three-packs at, for $9.99. --Andy Tarnoff

Kopp's grilled chicken sandwich -- Kopp's may be known for burgers and custard, but they grill a mean chicken sandwich, too. For $3.85 it's a great deal. Juicy and topped with whatever you want, the grilled chicken is perfect plain or a bit more bold if you go for the Caliente or Buffalo versions. Check it out here. --Jeff Sherman -- For the most part, iPhone apps are a good way to waste some time. Yes, there are plenty of useful and productive downloads inside the App Store, but those are outnumbered by games and various flatulence programs. This latest offering from helps manage your finances, linking your credit cards, bank accounts, bills and loans. Create an account at the site, download the app and keep your cash in order. It's well-secured, so no need to worry about getting your personal data stolen. Best of all, it's free. Can't beat that. --Andrew Wagner

"History Elevate" (KMS/Fabric Recordings) -- As one of the kings of Detroit techno (and the man behind the great early Inner City records), Kevin Saunderson needs no introduction to fans of club music. As a celebration of 20 years of innovation, KMS/Fabric issues this unique retrospective in a sleek fold out wallet sleeve. Disc one collects Saunderson's remixes of tunes by the likes of Cameo, Pet Shop Boys, Lighthouse Family, Cerrone and Wee Papa Girl Rappers (among others), while disc two features remixes of Saunderson originals by others like Luciano, John Tejada, Ben Sims, Simian Mobile Disco and others. A fun and appropriate tribute to a modern dance music master. --Bobby Tanzilo

Milwaukee County Transit System's Miller Park Shuttle -- When my car died last winter, I decided to hold off on buying a replacement. Living Downtown, there was really no need for a car considering my office, grocery store, bank, favorite bar and numerous restaurants all were within walking distance. When I need to get farther, I use the bus as my ride when I can't get a lift or borrow a ride. Miller Park is still a bit of a hike, so I hopped on the Milwaukee County Transit System's Miller Park shuttle (Route 90) and couldn't be more pleased. Running every 20 minutes along Wisconsin Avenue from Downtown to the park, it was a quick ride that took me right up to the gate. Save yourself the $10 parking fee -- and a potential DUI -- by springing $2 for the big, green limousine. --A.W. -- If you call something "cool," it's probably not. But, I never really liked the "rules are rules" crowd, so I like checking out every now and then. The site provides a good mix of "cool stuff." From music to design and fashion to workplace stuff, it's a fun diversion and good idea generator. --J.S.

"Closing Arguments" by Lucky Boys Confusion -- The suburban Chicago ska/punk/hip hop/rock group's fourth full-length release isn't groundbreaking. At the same time, the disc is a good addition for the collection, especially for the dedicated fan. Comprised mainly of B-sides, demos and other previously unreleased material, "Closing Arguments" also includes a new song, "This Town Ain't Big Enough For Both of Us." Lead singer Kaustubh (Stubhy) Pandav is all grown up now, but he still delivers lyrics like a defiant teenager, even if it is a little more subdued. Download it on iTunes or pick up the disc when it hits stores later this month. --A.W.

Biking to work -- OK, if your commute is 45 minutes by car, you're off the hook, but if you live with 10 miles of your office, you might consider ditching four wheels for two now that the weather has become tolerable. Oh, and what do you know, Milwaukee's official Bike to Work Week starts on Saturday. Come on, it's not as hard as it sounds and a nice ride first thing in the morning just might give you the burst of energy you need to get through the eight hours ahead of you. Plus, Alterra and Stone Creek Coffee are giving away free coffee, baked goods and bike tune-ups for all riders. Grab a bike-pool buddy and hit the road. Who knows? You might get hooked. Think of all the money you could save on gas if you left your car in park all week? --Julie Lawrence

Applying anti-perspirant before bed -- I read this tip in a men's magazine and thought it was kind of silly. They had some medical reason that giving the underarms a once-over before bed would help reduce sweating during the day, even after a morning shower. I gave it a try and it seemed to work. Or, maybe I'm just suggestible. Give it a try and let me know. --Drew Olson