By OnMilwaukee Staff Writers   Published Oct 11, 2007 at 5:28 AM

Shuffleboard at Burnhearts -- On a recent visit to Bay View tavern Burnhearts, 2599 S. Logan Ave., the pool table was stacked with quarters, so we decided to brave a game of shuffleboard. I hadn't played shuffleboard in a bar since Thurman's in the early '90s, and I forgot how fun it is. The concept is simple: you push weighted pucks down a skinny, slippery board and try to get them as close to the edge without falling overboard. There are other variations of shuffleboard, but after a few cocktails, we were going for a version with the fewest rules. Also, try Burnhearts during the week as opposed to the insanely busy weekends for a friendly, mellow experience. -- Molly Snyder Edler

Reheating pizza in a skillet -- There are millions of people out there who enjoy eating "second day" pizza right out of the fridge. I'm not one of them. Although microwaving tends to make things a gooey mess, I still prefer my mozzarella melted instead of congealed. The best way I've found to heat day-old pizza is in a skillet. Throw a slab in, turn the heat on medium, wait five minutes and it crisps up as good as new. -- Drew Olson

"We Are Marshall" -- The problem with most sports movies, especially those based on true stories, is you already know how they end. Great movies keep you on the edge of your seat through every expected plot twist. "We Are Marshall" accomplishes this. The film tells the story of Marshall University's attempt to recover from a 1970 plane crash that killed nearly every member of the school's football team. It is a gut-wrenching, riveting, and exhilarating tale of perseverance. This is not a "rent it for a week" movie; you're going to want this one in your library, right next to "Miracle," "61*," and "Pride of the Yankees." You also might want to pick up some tissues. Things might get a little "dusty." -- Drew Wagner

An hour at your local library -- It's hard to feel stressed in a place as peaceful as the library. Take an hour, catch up on some periodicals, browse the cookbook and home improvement section and simply decompress. Whether you check anything out or not, you'll feel better when you leave. -- D.O.

Henry's-- Perched just off Downer Avenue at 2523 E. Belleview Pl., Henry's is a welcoming, neighborhood joint that's the perfect place for a pre-movie beer or nightlong "casual" bender. As the site of an early (second) date with my wife (thanks for joining us, Bryan Pieper), Henry's holds a special place for me and is just one of those places that makes Milwaukee special. While I loved its original space, in the Downer Avenue building that housed the Coffee Trader -- the "new" Henry's (now under new ownership -- the new owners are Nader Pakroo, long time manager of Henry's Pub and Grille, Christian Bartley and Christen Pechman of the World Trade Center Wisconsin, and John Roush of Geronimo Promotions) has that same friendly, yet darkly cozy feel. Haven't been there in while? Why not stop in soon. -- Jeff Sherman

The B.L.T. -- Few things in life are as perfectly symmetrical as the mixture of bacon, lettuce and beefsteak tomato. -- D.O.

Nate's Crepes -- Nathaniel Sheahan owns Nate's Crepes. Wow. Available at the East Town Market in Cathedral Square Park on Saturday mornings through October, these things are awesome.
Order savory or sweet, Nate's Crepes come in several varieties. Ham, cheese, artichokes, asparagus, egg, chocolate and more. -- J.S.

Old Orchard premium pomegranate blueberry juice - At 130 calories per 8 ounces, this isn't something you want to drink by the bottle. It's a tasty starter in the morning, though. And, it's darn good when mixed with vodka in the evening. -- D.O.