By OnMilwaukee Staff Writers   Published Nov 22, 2007 at 5:29 AM

Paying City of Milwaukee parking tickets online -- The only thing worse than getting a parking ticket is remembering to pay the thing. I always put it off, get a late notice or two and then have to go through the hassle of writing a check, getting a stamp (who mails out bills anymore?), etc. The process got a lot easier when I realized I could do it online. It's open 24-7 and all you need is your license plate number and / or the citation number and a credit card. The transaction fee is $1, a small price to pay for convenience. -- Drew Olson

Trader Joe's Papadums -- Trader Joe's took the papadum -- a thin and crispy Indian delicacy -- and transformed it into a delicious potato chip alternative. TJ's papadums are sold by the bag ($2.49) and come in two flavors: Tandoori masala and yogurt and dill. Both are delicious, but if you have a spicy tooth, try the Tandoori. Lay's Schmay's; betcha can't eat just one of these babies. -- Molly Snyder Edler

Seal's "Amazing" -- It's a bit amazing and crazy that Seal's new disc features five versions of the single "Amazing." And even though I'm still warming up to this new offering from Mr. Klum, I like the tune. It's a bit along the lines of Madonna and Jewel's forays into dance tracks. The beat sticks with you and, if nothing else, puts a spring in your step. Download it. -- Jeff Sherman

Marquette's new basketball uniforms -- A touch of the old bumblebees on the trim evokes memories of years gone by and players like Allie McGuire and George Thompson. Dean Meminger and Butch Lee. But let's not forget the all-time "deep cut" players -- Terry Reason, Mandy and Dwayne Johnson, Terry Reason, Terrell Schlundt, Mike Flory, Mark Anglavar and Marc Marotta. Most of all, it's the memory of Marquette and its rightful nickname -- Warriors. -- Kevin Brandt

Organic Swiss Dark Chocolate from Whole Foods -- Is it just me or is Whole Foods adding more and more of its "365 Organic" brand items every week? Regardless, I still love Whole Foods and the Organic Swiss Dark Chocolate bar is mighty tasty. Made in Switzerland, the beans for the chocolate are grown in the Dominican Republic. Mmmm. Good and, in moderation, good for you. -- J.S.

Adding a slice of lemon to your Diet Coke -- When I need a soda / caffeine fix, I'm usually content to just guzzle out of the can. Once in awhile, though, it's nice to pour it over ice and add a slice of lemon. It's pampering yourself with almost no effort. -- D.O.

Amazon Prime -- I buy a lot of stuff from Amazon. So, Amazon Prime, the site's membership program, is more than more than worth its $79 price tag. It's an "all-I-can-eat" fast and free shipping program that gets me my stuff in two days. No minimums and it's transferable to family members. -- J.S.

"Dirt Farmer" by Levon Helm -- When the Violent Femmes sang about "American Music," this collection might be what they had in mind. The former singer / drummer for The Band stages a hootenanny for the ages, with fiddles, mandolins and acoustic guitars augmenting a classic, authentic vocal style that was almost silenced by throat cancer. The songs are stark, uplifting at a times haunting and the playing and production are pretty close to perfect. -- D.O.

Gino Salamone on WKLH -- The demise of "Reitman and Mueller" on WKTI sent Salamone onto the free agent market and the folks behind the "Dave and Carole Morning Show" (96.5 FM) were smart enough to snag him. Salamone, an entertaining entertainment reporter / professional celebrity schmoozer, packs his Thursday morning appearances (usually just after 7 a.m. ) with information, insight and laughs about major stars, B-List poseurs and everyone between. -- D.O.