By OnMilwaukee Staff Writers   Published Dec 06, 2007 at 5:26 AM

Il Mito Enoteca bar -- On a cold, snowy night, the inviting bar at this Tosa eatery on 69th Street and North Avenue is an oasis. There is a decent selection of wines by the glass and at least three grappas on offer to warm you from the inside out. The setting is alluringly lit and warmly decorated and the staff suitably friendly and not at all obtrusive, allowing for quiet conversation. -- Bobby Tanzilo

HBO's "Katie Morgan on Sex Toys" -- Porn star Katie Morgan hosts this 27-minute documentary on the history -- and future -- of sex toys. Morgan, who emcees the show completely naked (and is completely open about her surgically augmented breasts), takes viewers on a juicy journey from one of the first adult toys -- a gourd full of buzzing bees invented by Cleopatra -- to modern, battery-operated machines in the shape of a lipstick, Hello Kitty and the Virgin Mary. The show is campy and funny -- as well as educational -- with Morgan masterfully playing the role of a dumb blond who's clearly not really dumb or blond. Catch this show on HBO2 all this month. I recommend watching it with a stiff drink. -- Molly Snyder Edler

"A Charlie Brown Christmas" -- The holiday staple aired on ABC the other night and it's as good as ever. If you missed it, pop for the DVD. I've watched it every year since I could turn on a TV and it's still one of the best. --Drew Olson

Take and bake pizzas from Ceriello -- Ceriello Fine Foods at the Milwaukee Public Market is ever expanding. It recently added a full mini grocery of Italian pastas and sauces, olive oils and other imported specialties like olives and peppers. It also added pizza! Freshly made, and only $6.99, it's served on a homemade crust with ingredients of your choice. We tried a mushroom, artichoke, onion and pepper variety recently and it was mighty tasty. Call ahead to order and then pop it in the oven at home. Mmmmm. --Jeff Sherman

D.I.Y. wrinkle releaser -- If you're like me and are either too lazy, or in my case, barely know how to iron, then that Downy wrinkle releasing spray has been a lifesaver. It's covered my egregious ironing flaws on many an occasion, but even the "light scent" is extremely perfume-y. It's also pretty expensive, considering how quickly one can go through a bottle if he (and by he, I mean me) is averse to plugging in the iron. Fortunately, a little of research on "The Google" led me to some scientist types who realized that the active ingredient in wrinkle releaser is just fabric softener. So, if you want an unscented wrinkle releaser that's way cheaper than the fancy Downy stuff, just dump a capful of any fabric softener into a spray bottle, fill with warm water, shake, and go to town. In my limited scientific trials, I've found that it might not work quite as well as that name-brand stuff, but since it's unscented, you can just spray more. Gotta love science, making schlubs like me iron-free in Mil-wau-kee. --Andy Tarnoff

The Boat Drunks -- If the act of shoveling snow and chipping ice makes you depressed, think of a warm, tropical breeze. Then, put on your favorite Hawaiian shirt and go see the The Boat Drunks Saturday night at Shank Hall. The group started as a Jimmy Buffett tribute act in 2001, but progressed to playing originals in the trop-rock vein. Milwaukee's Jim Hoehn, also popular with Parrotheads and people who like clever lyrical turns, opens the show. Tickets are $13 in advance, $15 at the door. --D.O.

"John Denver and the Muppets: A Christmas Together" -- This made-for-television special, produced in 1979, isn't out on DVD but you can find copies floating around. It's a true classic featuring 13 songs and, of course, John Denver, with his huge glasses and warm heart. It's from an era when networks weren't afraid to celebrate the meaning of Christmas and when traditional carols ruled. This is made for family viewing. And even if you don't celebrate Christmas, it's a fun look into the holiday through the eyes of Jim Henson and John Denver. Try not to shed tear during "It's in Every One of Us," I dare you. Merry Christmas. --J.S.

New York Style Brand Pretzel Flatz -- Most health-conscious snack fans know that pretzels are better for you than just about any other salty, crunchy snack out there. The Flatz are baked, tasty, reasonably safe for dieters (110 calories and 1 gram of fat per serving) and perfect for dipping. Try them with some hummus and you might consume a whole bag. --D.O.

"A Mighty Heart" -- Clocking in at only 1 hour, 48 minutes, "A Mighty Heart," starring Angelina Jolie as Mariane Pearl, the widow of Wall Street Journal reporter Daniel Pearl, is well worth your time. I downloaded it from Time Warner's On Demand service, but it's also out on DVD. Pearl was kidnapped and executed in Pakistan in 2002, and "Heart" is his story told in a very non-political and tell-it-like-it-was fashion. Filmed in Pakistan, India and France during the summer and fall of 2006, it's also a good look into the life of these cultures. --J.S.