By Matt Mueller Culture Editor Published May 20, 2020 at 9:59 AM

Businesses throughout Milwaukee are finding ways of staying afloat during these tough times – and the Pabst Theater Group is no different. While their stages stay empty for the time being, they've teamed up with other venues across the country to work together in asking for relief, they launched a live-stream series to support both themselves and artists who can't tour, they're selling "elopement packages" for those whose weddings had to be canceled and now they've added a new collection of cool merch to their shop.

A part of the group's #ReviveLiveMKE initiative, the Pabst Theater Group's new merchandise collection includes venue-branded masks and bandanas, onesies for the littlest concert crazies out there, sticker packs, trucker hats, t-shirts representing both the Pabst Theater and the ongoing #ReviveLiveMKE campaign, and a new Pabst-branded hoodie and sweatpants combo perfect for going on a run (but – let's be honest – more likely to be worn for a hard day of binge-watching on the couch).

Here's a quick peak at some of the new items:

Fans can buy this new collection, as well as the venues' other items, at the Pabst Theater Group's website. And remember: The money you spend on purchases goes toward the Pabst Theater Group and making sure that, when we come out of this unprecedented time in recent global history, Milwaukee still has these historic venues and beloved gathering spaces that we hold dear.

And while you're at it, if you have the financial ability to do so, buy merch from your other favorite local businesses as well to help keep the lights on while they have to keep the doors closed. We're in this together, Milwaukee. 

Matt Mueller Culture Editor

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