By Josh Hertzog   Published Nov 03, 2005 at 5:10 AM

Just when you thought you knew everything there was to know about the Green Bay Packers, author William Povletich, a Mequon native, raises the bar with his new book "Green Bay Packers: Legends in Green and Gold."

Published as part of Arcadia Publishing's ongoing Images of Sports series, Povletich saw the need to have the Packers represented in this unique and very visual series.

"There was already a (Images of Sports) book about the Chicago Bears," Povletich says. "And, if a book can be written about them, the Packers should be covered, since they have won many titles."

Povletich pitched the idea to the publishing company, and within minutes, he had approval. Beginning in mid-January of this year, Povletich worked diligently and had the manuscript by June. The book was then released at the end of September.

"It was an intense schedule, but very rewarding," he says.

"Green Bay Packers: Legends in Green and Gold" tells a strong visual story with nearly 200 images in 128 pages, such as Vince Lombardi signing autographs for young Packers fans and the Curly Lambeau era.

"I wanted it to be very visual," Povletich says. "I wanted fresh, never before seen images. I've always enjoyed visually telling the story."

Povletich, a UW-Oshkosh radio/television/film graduate, has had a lot of experience visually telling stories since his day job is a documentary filmmaker.

After graduating, Povletich left Wisconsin to start his career as a filmmaker.

"Before the ink dried on my diploma, I left and headed to Los Angeles."

Starting as a production assistant, Povletich worked his way up the film industry ladder, helping out with films like "Memento" along the way. Before he knew it, he was consistently working on high profile projects and catching the eyes of his peers.

His work has received critical acclaim and includes "Inside Pol Pot's Secret Prison," an episode of History Channel's History Undercover series, which was nominated for two National News and Documentary Emmy Awards in 2003. This year, Povletich worked on another History Channel documentary, "Do Scars Ever Fade? -- The Rwandan Genocide," honored with a 2005 Peabody award and another two National News and Documentary Emmy Award nominations.

Last year he made the film, "Henry Aaron's Summer Up North," about the home run king's pro baseball debut in Wisconsin.

For Povletich, taking his filmmaking style and applying it to a book was a smooth transition.

"I was really comfortable with the format. I just formatted it like a documentary script. It allowed me to stay away from the mundane and keep it exciting. The publishing company was very supportive as well, letting me run with the idea."

For Povletich, this is a project to reflect on and smile.

"I've been really fortunate to have worked on great projects with great people," he adds. "To tell the Green Bay Packers history is a childhood dream realized."

"Green Bay Packers: Legends in Green and Gold," published by Arcadia Publishing, is available at area bookstores, independent retailers, on-line bookstores, or through Arcadia's Web site,