By Dave Begel Contributing Writer Published May 08, 2015 at 11:03 AM

Giving a National Football League a grade on its draft is like a crapshoot with very little chance of success.

People who really know what they are talking about say it takes two or three years before you can make a decision on whether a draft was a success or not.

But that doesn’t stop dozens of experts from making decisions right after the final pick in the three-day marathon has been made.

So let’s take a look at the grades given to the Green Bay Packers by some of the "experts" after the just completed draft:

YAHOO SHUT DOWN CORNER – "Packer fans did some eye-rolling with the first two picks, but this class slowly warmed up as it went along. With so few roster spots open, the Packers could afford to pick and choose their spots and focus heavily on special teams, which needed a massive upgrade." Grade C+

SB NATION – "One has to wonder why the Packers waited until the fourth round to address their glaring hole at interior linebacker. Packers spent their third pick on wide receiver Ty Montgomery, which is already one of the deepest position groups on the team. But GM Ted Thompson has always been about drafting the best player on the board, regardless of positional needs." Grade B

CBS SPORTS – "The Packers made it clear that Damarious Randall is going to be a cornerback in the nickel. Given the dynamic passing attacks in the NFC North, the move makes sense even though it is rare that a college safety is capable of making the transition to cornerback in the NFL The Packers didn't invest in an inside linebacker as early as expected but in the heady Jake Ryan, Green Bay may have found a starting candidate with a Day 3 pick." Grade: B+

NFL.COM – "There are not a ton of needs for the Packers on either side of the ball, and they landed perhaps the best coverage safety – albeit, in a weak class – in Randall, who excels at man coverage. Add in Randall's ability to play some corner if needed, and the Packers might have landed a gem in addition to shoring up their secondary. Quinten Rollins also provides flexibility, with the ability to play both corner and safety. Wide receiver wasn't a big team need, but Montgomery has star potential in this offense and could be a Pro Bowl kick returner early in his career. Ryan was a perfect pick for Ted Thompson; he will be a hard-nosed player who can contribute as a solid player in several areas. "Grade B

BLEACHER REPORT – "There's no question Randall fits a need. For the second straight year, Packers general manager Ted Thompson has added a coverage safety to help keep opposing quarterbacks from keeping up with Aaron Rodgers. He may be a reach – maybe not even the best flex coverage safety on the board—but he's a fit. Then, Green Bay doubled down. Between Rollins and Randall, Thompson may have plugged all the holes in the secondary. Montgomery is a great fit for the Packers offense and will benefit from the extensive bench time he'll see in 2015. If Clay Matthews is sriracha sauce, Jake Ryan is boneless skinless chicken breast. Together, they'll cover inside and outside linebacker as situations and matchups demand. Ryan was unremarkably competent at Michigan, and the team will need him to be the same thing in the pros." Grade C

ROTOWORLD – "I'm used to giving Ted Thompson high grades. I think I've done it every year. This draft seemed a little more needs-focused than usual, which is a fine approach in general but may have left some "value" on the board. Thompson clearly entered Thursday worried about his secondary. (I do love Randall as a playmaking ballhawk and Rollins as a versatile defensive chess piece.) I don't think this was a bad draft, but I also don't believe it was a tide tilter in the NFC. I've come to expect a little more from Thompson over the years." Grade C+

So if  you average the grades out on a 4.0 scale, the Packers come in at 2.6, which is a B minus. And given the fact that the Packers are so much better than anyone in their division, that should give them plenty to remain the kings of the NFC North.

Dave Begel Contributing Writer

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