By Matt Mueller Culture Editor Published Dec 16, 2019 at 8:29 AM

Well, they certainly never make it easy on us.

Despite controlling the entire game – including a 21-3 lead going into the final frame – the Cardiac Pack struck again Sunday afternoon, pulling out a stressful 21-13 win against the Chicago Bears in their 200th meeting. The Packers now claim a 99-95-6 record over their cross-border rival – and, most importantly, they sealed up a playoff spot with the dramatic win. So maybe those heart attacks at the end of the game were worth it?

Well, it's at least definitely worth taking one final look back at arguably the Packers' biggest win of the season. Here are a handful of key images from the key moments of Sunday's key game. 

1. The sombrero never fails

Listen, I'll stop starting all of these articles with photos of Aaron Jones wearing a pre-game sombrero when the Packers stop winning football games. Don't mess with a winning season. Plus, Jones scored another two touchdowns on Sunday, tying him for the league-lead with 14 rushing touchdowns and putting him in second place for most total touchdowns with 17. So the sombrero stays. 

2. Smooth moves

Green Bay has to lead the league in dancing players, right? Do we keep track of that stat somewhere? No? Well, I deem us the most dance-happy team in the National Football League. And can you even blame Jamaal Williams and Aaron Jones up there – how else are you supposed to stay warm in weather that was nine degrees below average even for Green Bay?

3. Even smoother moves

The only thing that warms a body and soul better than dancing? Scoring points and taking the lead on your pesky longtime rival – exactly what Davante Adams did on the second Packers drive of the game, catching a 29-yard touchdown pass from Aaron Rodgers and then celebrating with a little groove in the end zone with Geronimo Allison.

4. The smoothest moves

The legend of Jake Kumerow continues. The second-year Whitewater receiver didn't get the ball much on Sunday, nabbing a total of (*punches numbers into calculator, moves the one, slides some abacus beads around*) one catch on the day. But the fan favorite made the most of it, pulling out some moves smooth enough to make the last two images jealous and netting 49 key yards for the Packers – his longest play of the year and almost a fourth of his total yards on the season (212), all in one moment. Good weekend for the Warhawks!

5. Almost a dagger

Dean Lowry's athletic interception off Mitch "Never Tweet" Trubisky seemed to put the game away on Sunday, putting the Packers in quality field position for at least a field goal attempt with under seven minutes left to go. Instead, the Packers went three and out – complete with a bad sack on third down that knocked Green Bay out of Mason Crosby range. A Packers game coming down to the wire? This season!? WHY I'D NEVER!

6. Don't mind me just having a heart attack over here

A transcription of my thought process during the final second of Sunday's game:

"OK, one second left, let's see what goofball shenanigans the Bears pull out. Oh, a little lateral action? That's cute ... Huh, they sure are gaining a lot of yards on this play. That's weird; they're on the 20-yard line now. The Packers defense surely knows that too, right? And they know they can tackle these guys as well? Anyone? ANYONE?! OH GOD, THEY'RE RUNNING FREE ACROSS THE FIELD! WHY IS THAT ONE BEAR SO WIDE OPEN!? AND WHY IS THE BALL ON THE GROUND NOW!? AM I DYING!? Is it over? OK, phew, it's over ... on the two-yard line. Fun times!" *drinks entire bottle of the nearest hard liquor in one long swig*

7. Can we relax now?

It's nice to see that Tramon Williams had the same look on his face at the end of the game as every Packers fan. Let's never do that again, OK?

8. OK, I think it's safe to celebrate now

Cut back to the dancing, as the Packers officially clinched a spot in the playoffs with their win over the Bears – amazingly their first trip to the postseason in two years and ending their longest playoff draught since 2005-07. Thanks to some San Francisco floppery against the Falcons, the Packers also moved into the second seed in the NFC, with a chance to claim a first-round bye (and avoid having to play a solid opponent, like the Vikings or 49ers, in the first weekend).

And as an added bonus, the Bears are now eliminated from the playoff hunt. But hey – at least they made all their field goals on Sunday!

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