By Steve Kabelowsky Contributing Columnist Published Aug 09, 2013 at 1:33 PM

A couple of days ago, I brought up the idea of catching tonight’s preseason Packers football game (broadcast on WTMJ, but blacked out on Time Warner Cable)  by watching it on Telemundo Wisconsin.

Then the idea spread.

Time Warner actually followed up on the idea with a press release yesterday, advising viewers to get the footage on the Spanish-speaking network and mute the TV set. Then you could tune into a radio broadcast of the game, in our area WTMJ-AM 620 would be the one to go to.

"Because of the ongoing blackout by Journal Broadcast Group of its channels on the Time Warner Cable (TWC) systems in Milwaukee and Green Bay, TWC wants to make sure our customers are aware of all the options they have to continue watching the programming that Journal is withholding, including the first Green Bay Packers pre-season game on Friday, August 9," the press release stated.

"We do this to demonstrate our commitment to keeping our customers connected to the programming they enjoy, even under these difficult circumstances."

Time Warner also noted that the NFL Network plans to re-broadcast the game after midnight tonight.

Back in June, I chatted with Andy Olivares, who will do the play-by-play in Spanish with WDJT-TV’s Kevin Holden. At that time, Telemundo Wisconsin, owned by Weigel Broadcasting, along with WDJT and WMLW, inked a deal to air three preseason games.

Working with the Packers and the Packers Broadcast Network, run by Journal Communications, Telemundo would run the same camera footage of the game that is on WTMJ, but they would cut to their own footage of Holden and Olivares in the booth.

"We will stand by the promise we made to Telemundo and the Packers last year to provide our game feed for their Spanish-language broadcast of the pre-season game. Telemundo has nothing to do with our current dispute with Time Warner," said Steve Wexler, the executive vice president of the Journal Broadcast Group and GM of WTMJ.

"It is ironic that Time Warner now suggests its customers go through all these hoops, including buying boxes and turning on Journal’s own radio station, to watch a broadcast that Journal itself produces and will deliver to the entire market over the air.  I wish they’d be as creative and energetic about negotiating our retransmission consent agreement so we could put an end to this dispute on behalf of our viewers and their customers."

In my earlier article I mentioned that there could be a delay and the play call on the radio may not match up exactly with what is on TV. But if there's a national broadcast team you can't stand to listen to when the Packers play on another network, then you are used to this.

Here is the promo from Telemundo:

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