By Molly Snyder Senior Writer Published Apr 14, 2008 at 5:20 AM

If things look a little greener around here this April, there’s a good reason. Our editorial staff is busy expanding the ideals of Earth Day into a month-long celebration of energy conservation, alternative transportation, recycling tips and about a million ways you can be a better friend to the planet. Welcome to Green Month, Milwaukee.

This month, polled the Parent Posse about organic food. Do they serve it exclusively, occasionally or not at all? Feel free to add your own opinion by using the talkback feature. 

No, we do not buy organic food. I survived on regular food, my husband survived eating regular food, so I really do not see the harm in giving it to my child. It is expensive and is it really that much better?
Mary Jo Preston
Menomonee Falls

We buy almost exclusively organic even though money is tight. It's a priority for several reasons: minimizing our exposure to dangerous chemicals, maximizing the nutrients we consume, supporting growers who choose natural farming practices, and limiting the damage to our environment. I think it's one of the most important ways we can vote with our dollars.
Kay Ehlers
Whitefish Bay

We have slowly over the last two years turned 50 percent organic ...  We are joining a CSA this year for fruits and veggies, but meat is still too pricey for us to buy organic.  My husband does the shopping and I think he'll buy organic meat from time to time, but only if it's a special occasion.  Kind of like: "Happy Birthday, honey!  You get the chemical-free beef today!" 
Stephanie Bennett
South Side

I am not against it, but I admit that it will take me some extra work to understand it all.  I feel like I turned out pretty OK with not being brought up on an "organic diet."  My son is 6 months old and eating solids, and my main concern at this point is making sure he gets enough "fresh" foods.  That starts now with pureeing his baby foods. 
Gigi Gamboa
Jackson Park

At our house, we have opted not to get on the organic food train.  We absolutely agree with the concept and appreciate the importance of organic and locally produced products, but have not made a concerted effort to buy accordingly.  The primary reason is laziness.  There isn't a convenient alternative in our area, but that's mostly an excuse.  I will say, though, that I have low confidence that products labeled as organic are actually any healthier than the other products available at my neighborhood grocery story.  If I knew for sure my groceries were created without chemical or unnatural / potentially harmful means and they were available in my area, I'd absolutely buy.
Robin Mindt
West Allis

We try to eat organic -- and we try to be green whenever we can --  but we aren’t fanatical about it. We wash clothes in only cold water. We carpool whenever we can. My husband rides his motorcycle whenever the weather allows. Plus, we have all energy star appliances, buy all produce locally during the summer at the markets and try to purchase organic, local foods all through the year.
Kate Borders
East Side

We eat organic sometimes. I didn't go out of my way to eat organic when I was pregnant, though I ate A LOT of fruits and veggies. Now that our little stinker is eating various purees of vegetables, it's something I think about a lot more. Unfortunately, because of money and ease we just end up getting whatever is cheapest and easiest -- which means not always getting organic vegetables. I feel like I'm making up for it by preparing homemade baby food and no weirdly bland store-bought baby food.
Elizabeth Moen
Bay View

Our family does at times eat organic food, however we are not seeking it out as a matter of daily life.  Price being the main factor, however, convenience is also part of the equation.  Organic fruits and vegetables are more often closer in price to their non-organic twins than other items, and are easier to obtain at many of the “regular” grocery stores. 
Rick Stieghorst

When I'm at the store, if the regular produce area doesn't have what I need, I'll go to organic to get it.  However, as a first choice, at a higher price, all the time, no.  Overall, I think it would be pricey and tough to be totally organic -- but I try to do it when I have a choice available and its convenient.
Carol Voss
Bay View

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