By Molly Snyder Senior Writer Published Sep 08, 2008 at 5:10 AM

This month, the OnMilwaukee Parent Posse puts political views aside, and looks at Republican Vice Presidential nominee Sarah Palin as a parent. posed the question, "Do you think it’s crazy or admirable that Sarah Palin is running for Vice President based on the fact she has five children?"

Here are the Parent Posse’s responses, and feel free to chime in with your own by using the Talkback feature.

I think it is great! Who says we can’t have it all! I am amazed she is going to tackle all of this, but kudos for her for showing others you can balance work and family, with the right support in place. Not to sound cliché, "You go, girl!"
Mary Jo Preston
Menomonee Falls

I’m just not a big fan of the "you can have it all" mentality of parenting and career.  Even if dad at this point becomes the "stay at home parent," five kids is a lot to deal with, especially with a young special needs child.  I am much more of a "parent first, career second" type of person, but that is me.  I just feel the kids will lose out in this situation. It is her family, and her life, so I’m not going to make a judgment on that. I just know I would not do it.
Rick Stieghorst

I know how guilty I feel as a working mom with one child and I barely ever travel!  On the other hand, I think it's great for society that women are being considered for the highest governmental offices in the U.S.  I think most agree that women can be good mothers, partners and homemakers while they work full-time.  I assume Gov. Palin will use her resources to make sure her children receive proper care and attention while she campaigns.  Perhaps that will mean a less-than-perfect situation.  Perhaps that will mean her children will lose the security and schedule of being home regularly.  Perhaps she'll have to lean on her husband, family, friends and even hired help.  But, I'm sure she'll make it work as so many other working mothers do.
Robin Mindt
West Allis

I wouldn't say crazy. Can I say both admirable and not admirable at the same time? Because I'm going to. It’s admirable because any woman who is able to pursue their professional aspirations AND be a mother is a superwoman. It's quite the juggling act no matter who you are. Also, she may be running for the vice presidency and certainly that brings with it pressures that the rest of us don't face. However, such a high level position also brings with it certain privileges that the rest of us don't have access to. I'm thinking cooks, housekeepers, private schools, Secret (Service) security, etc.
Elizabeth Moen
Bay View

This is a hard issue because women should definitely be present in government and hold public office.  Women that work full-time (including myself) struggle daily to balance careers and family, and I don't know any that feel they are doing their best at both all the time.

Considering the ages of her children, I do think that it's pretty crazy for her to be running for Vice President.  In my opinion, family always comes first and while it's admirable for her to try and juggle all these responsibilities, I still wouldn't do it.

With a special needs newborn and three children in school, I think her children need as much care and attention as possible. Her oldest daughter, Bristol, is pregnant and needs support (that only a mother can give) through the pregnancy.  Bristol is most certainly going through a very difficult time and needs reassurance, guidance, comfort, love and advice from her mother daily. I don't think that her mother can do that over the phone while on the campaign trail.
Melissa Tempel

I think that its neither a bad idea nor admirable that Sarah Palin is running for Vice President from a parenting standpoint.  Its simply the choice she made. Its a double standard to assume that the mother or a woman needs to be the primary caregiver for her children.

There are many ways to parent. I'm not into judging women who work or their parenting ability/style. Personally I'd like to learn from moms who do make their choices work.   If she was a man, there would be no question like this in any media.

It's a silly question for a male. It is a silly question for a female also people!)  I admire Ms. Palin's husband for being supportive, thus helping her realize her political dreams because I have to guess there is good teamwork in their marriage. 

I also admire Michelle Obama for being supportive, thus helping her husband realize his political dreams and would guess there is good teamwork in their marriage too.  Same thing.
Carol Voss
Bay View

What is most important to me in this scenario is that people ask themselves the same questions that they would ask if it were a man running for office.  As a parent, mother or father, I think it would take a very organized person who is fully supported by their partner and has a lot of help from outside the home, to succeed in any highly demanding career.  If a person ends up giving all the time that they should to a role such as Vice President, and even running the campaign prior to the election.

I am afraid that that person couldn’t possibly be able to spend the amount of time that they would want to with their children.  Running a Vice Presidential campaign, and possibly being VP, would require travel, long hours and more than likely a high level of stress.  I personally don’t know how anyone could do that successfully and still be an active parent that is truly engaged in the lives of their children.
Kate Borders
East Side


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