By Meghan Deutsch, Special to   Published Jun 12, 2009 at 10:33 AM

I'm not a girl about town, out every night clubbin' it up, but when I heard Doug Reinhardt (of "The Hills" fame) was going to make a special appearance at Apartment 720 last Friday night, I thought to myself, "I must check it out."

Rumor was that he was bringing a "special guest," and the buzz was that his "special guest" was none other than his girlfriend, Ms. Paris Hilton. I'm not a crazy obsessed Hilton fan, but I do like her. She's pretty famous AND it's not that often that we get those uber famous people in Milwaukee. So I thought to myself, I must be there, I must check it out. My mission: to get a picture with Paris (my future BFF.) 

We arrived at Apartment 720 around 10:30 p.m. knowing Doug and Paris could show up at any moment.  We actually had quite a bit of time before they arrived; plenty of time to have a dance party and scope out the VIP section. Hours passed. No Doug. No Paris.

Finally, around 12:45 a.m., flashes started going off near the back entrance.  They had arrived and people were snapping pics like crazy, trying to get close to them. They were whisked up to the VIP section, where we could all see them, but sadly, couldn't get close enough. 

Both were quite the lookers in person. Doug in his untucked white button down shirt and jeans and Paris in her beautiful gray Herve Leger dress, accessorized with a huge diamond cuff and her signature hippie-chic headband -- this one a diamond version! They waved to the crowd, smiled for pics and then took their seats on the cool white leather couches in their VIP area.

Cocktail waitresses started bringing bottles and mixers -- drinks galore -- just as you would expect for VIPs. Stalking, I mean, watching, them from down below (the VIP area was raised about four feet off the floor), they were actually much calmer than I had expected. I thought I would see the party people pictured in all of the magazines, but they were much more subdued than I had imagined. After their shout outs to the crowd, they sat back down and spent a lot of time on their Blackberries, looking up every so often to smile and wave to their fans. 

We attemped to talk security into letting us up to the VIP area to get our picture -- that didn't work.  We tried a couple of different ways -- people who knew people who knew people.

It looked like my mission would be an utter failure and that I wasn't going to get my pic. But at the 11th hour, actually 1:45 a.m., our luck changed. I ran into some people who were able to make it happen. They told us security would take us up to the VIP booth to meet them and get our coveted shots! 

We walked up the stairs and, all of a sudden, there they were, just sitting there in front of us, on their Blackberries. I hated to bother them, but I needed my picture with Paris. I bent down and lightly tapped her and politely asked if she would mind if I got a quick picture with her. She smiled and said yes and stood up to take the picture. 

She was smaller than I thought she would be. I'm 5'8" and thought she would be my height or taller -- she looks so tall in the magazines and on TV -- but was actually shorter than me. She's also not as skinny as she appears in magazines.  I mean, don't get me wrong, she's thin, but not as shockingly thin as she appears in the pictures.

She's very pretty up close, too -- perfect hair and makeup and so sparkly in all her baubles. She was very sweet; demure is the perfect word to describe her. I asked her if she was having a good time and told her she looked beautiful, she thanked me and told me she liked my hair. That's right, we're now BFFs.

We stayed up in the VIP area for a bit longer, got a group pic with Paris and then a picture with Doug -- we couldn't forget about Doug!!  Paris then danced on the couch a bit, posed for a few more photos and then just as quickly as they arrived, Doug and Paris were escorted out of the club.

Ahhh, what a night. A new BFF for me. Mission accomplished!