By Becky Roozen Published Mar 07, 2005 at 5:28 AM

{image1} "All right, ladies, now take the towel I just handed you, and stick it down your pants," says Passion Parties independent consultant Angie Polinsky. Jaws drop, and the giggling begins.

But Polinsky's only kidding (the towel's really to wipe away excess lotions that are tested later on). And she keeps up this sex-related humor for the entire three hours of the latest -- and much more entertaining -- version of a Tupperware party.

"It gives guests the opportunity to see, feel and taste a large assortment of sensual products including edible lotions and creams, body, bath and massage products, books, games and adult bedroom toys," Polinsky says of the parties she's been hosting since last August.

Polinsky lives in De Forest, near Madison, and travels all over southern Wisconsin leaving traces of her bedroom-saving supplies -- Passion Parties offers over 35 exclusive products and 15 private label items -- in Milwaukee, Madison, Janesville, Fond du Lac and Wisconsin Dells with all sorts of wishful women.

There are no criteria, except that all partygoers are at least 18, for Polinsky and her pleasurables to make an appearance at your house. "All ages, all walks of life, all occupations," Polinsky says of the ladies she enlightens. "All women want the same thing -- a loving relationship and to be able to make the most out of their sensual pleasure."

And having a loving, monogamous relationship is key in Polinsky's presentation. She says, because of that, her business is something she is proud of. It's even something she's not ashamed to tell her very Christian grandmother.

"My whole family was very supportive of my new business," says Polinsky, who's been married almost nine years and has a 5-year-old boy and a 1-year-old girl. "Once I explained that Passion Parties is a business of women run by women and the commitment to women helping women, and that it's an educational fun way to learn more about your body, everyone was very excited for me."

Polinsky takes her work seriously by educating women and keeping it far from her children, but there's no holding back when it comes to talking about Passion Parties' products and one-upping a couple's sex life that seems more like a disappearing act.

{image2} "I recommend the Pure Satisfaction to every customer. This is a product I usually get thank you calls from my customers about," says Polinsky. "I had a costumer who was about 30 who had been married for several years and she had never had an orgasm. I recommended the Pure Satisfaction. She called a few days later to tell me 'thank you' and her husband wanted to thank me as well."

Also on her bestseller list is RomantaTherapy with pheromones. It's a line of bath products like lotions, bath salts, shaving cream and body scrubs "that help take a woman from the stress of the day to the romance of the evening," she says.

OK, so you want the adventurous bedroom pick-me-ups but you're not too keen on having the rest of the partygoers or the UPS guy know what you're doing behind closed doors. No worries. Polinsky does all ordering in confidentiality in a separate room. And if she doesn't have your playful product of choice in stock? She jokes that the box will come covered in pictures of male genitalia. But really, no one will know what's inside, she says.

Polinsky really sticks to her guns when it comes to keeping her customers' affairs private. She wouldn't reveal any scandalous questions she's been asked, but she did say this, "In the ordering room, a woman's inhibitions are stripped away, and they will ask just about anything."

They'll ask just about anything, and buy just about everything. These parties create an atmosphere for women to let loose with their inhibitions and their wallets.

"I am working part-time hours making full-time earnings. I have sold over $10,000 since the beginning of the year," says Polinsky. "Profit depends on the sales of each particular party, how many parties you're willing to do in a month and how hard you work," she adds.

And anyone can become a Passion Parties consultant as long as they're over 18, she says. Polinsky says the company provides endless support through personal training, monthly newsletters, regional workshops and seminars, and national conventions.

"I look forward to each party and I have so much fun. I have met so many women that I will never forget. I just love what I do. My life is a party," Polinsky says.

Women interested in hosting a party, purchasing products or becoming a Passion Parties independent consultant can contact Angie Polinsky through her Web site at