By Matt Mueller Culture Editor Published May 10, 2019 at 10:36 AM

ESPN's Paul Pierce had a chance to own up to his now-legendarily incorrect Bucks-Celtics pick during last night's NBA coverage. Instead, he may have just made things worse with Milwaukee.

During ESPN's pregame show for Game 6 between the Raptors and Sixers, the rest of the crew deservedly made fun of Pierce for his brutally debunked prediction – and even Pierce seemed to be in on the gag when he told the crew to watch the tape, cutting to a version of his now infamous Celtics pick but with the "Milwaukee" now comically dubbed in place of "Boston."

It was a funny way to make fun of one's self! I'll allow it!

But then things got salty:

The Milwaukee Bucks, as a cute little gag, sent Pierce a bag of Milwaukee Pretzel Company pretzels – complete with plenty of salt. And Pierce, apparently not content with taking one big L this week, took another as he apparently had no idea what the twisty, tasty baked goods were. Then, when he did find out, he decided he doesn't eat these snacks that he's just learned about and gave them back, demanding beer instead.

Dude, we're the ones trying to put the water under the bridge here; you're the one who insulted our team and then face-planted into a porta potty in the process.

When show host Michelle Beadle acutely pointed out that you eat pretzels with beer, Pierce dismissively snapped back, "Who travels to Milwaukee?! Who goes there?!" 

Well, that peace treaty was short-lived. 

We give you pretzels; you give us more disrespect? OK, I see how it is – and so does Milwaukee Pretzel Company, though they admirably took the primetime dismissal in stride. 

But anyways, keep shading us; it worked out well for Milwaukee last time. Ask the Celtics how well it worked out for you. 

And to answer your question, though, Paul Pierce: Who travels to Milwaukee? Well, as your fellow analyst Chauncey Billups pointed out, you'll probably have to – when the Bucks clinch the Eastern Conference and host the NBA Finals. We'll make sure to have a beer and pretzel waiting for you – but first we'll make sure you eat your words. Again.

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