By Molly Snyder Senior Writer Published Mar 30, 2009 at 2:28 PM

The Original Peep Show returns after a two-year break, and organizer Nicole Reid is enthusiastic to resurrect the artistic celebration of her favorite Easter treat.

The event -- scheduled for April 5 (Palm Sunday) at Sugar Maple, 441 E. Lincoln Ave. -- invites Peeps enthusiasts to create art pieces from the spongy chicks and bunnies.

"Peeps are also such great Easter icons and Easter is my favorite holiday," says Reid. "I love the Easter Bunny."

The Original Peep Show runs from 2 to 6 p.m., and participants can bring their Peep art at any time during the event.

Peep Show has very few rules. Anyone can participate and any medium of art -- including film -- is welcome, as long as it tributes the Peep. In the past, Peep Show participants created a variety of Peep art, from impressive to ridiculous. Reid says her favorite pieces fall into the wearable art category.

"The full Peep bikini the second year was great. Last time, a little Peep princess  donned a Peep hat and Peep shoes that were super cute," says Reid. "This time around I think we'll see even more creativity, and possibly more advanced mediums, like Peep film."

This is Reid’s fourth Peep Show event, and this year she joined forces with fellow Peeps lover, Cathrine Friedmann.

Five years ago, Reid introduced the event to Milwaukee and hosted it three years in a row, then she got married and took two years off. The first Peep Show was at the now-defunct Evan’s, the second was held at Art Bar and the third was at Cafe Lulu.

Originally, Reid says she was disappointed to find out that Cafe Lulu is hosting a Peep Show this year on the same day as Reid's Original Peep Sow. However, the organizers chose to "make Peeps, not war" and scheduled the Peeps shows so they don't conflict. (Lulu's event starts at 8 p.m. and Reid's Peep Show ends at 6 p.m.)

The most important question for Peeps enthusiasts boils down to three words: soft or stale? Reid emphatically believes Peeps are best when they’ve been around for a while.

"My advice is get your Peeps now and open them up. They are much easier to work with when stale, and I believe most people like to eat them better stale than fresh," says Reid. "I have to confess, I don't like to eat them either way. However, Peep s’mores I like."

Peeps were first introduced in 1958 and are currently produced by the Just Born candy manufacturer based in Bethlehem, Pa. Peeps started out as an Easter basket stuffer, but in recent years have been introduced in a variety of shapes for different holidays. Peeps are made from marshmallow, sugar, gelatin and carnauba wax.

"Peeps are everlasting. I've got Peep art from the very first year that still looks as fresh as ever," says Reid.

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