By Ted Perry FOX 6 News; special to Published Jan 31, 2011 at 10:41 AM

DALLAS -- You can buy beer here until midnight. That's as political as I want to get right now.

We (a small army of Fox6 anchors, photojournalists and engineers) arrived in Texas Sunday evening just in time to set up a live shot, crank out a couple stories and head back to our hotel ready to do it again.

We set up in a neighborhood in Dallas that provided a stunning backdrop of  the Super Bowl city. The neighborhood is called West Dallas but if you say it out loud it sounds like ... well, you go ahead and try it.  Out loud: West Dallas ... WestDallas ... West Allis ... 'Stallis. See, it's starting to feel like home.

That same neighborhood is getting a new bridge that will connect I-30 to Downtown. That bridge is being designed by ... wait for it ... Santiago Calatrava.

Do you need more proof Green Bay is the home team?

So we're a half-hour from air and the cameras are set up and I walk up the hill to the scenic overlook where we're going live and I see a father and his daughter mugging for the cameras.

Julio: "Desiree, what do you think of Tony Romo?"

Desiree: "He was good until he dumped Jessica Simpson."

It was cute, they should have taken my spot.

Anyway, Julio and Desiree lived in the neighborhood. He was wearing a Cowboys jacket and I naturally asked him who he thought most Dallasites (Dallasans? Dallasonians?) were rooting for.

He didn't hesitate.

"There's not a single self-respecting 'Boys fan who can root for the Steelers. We don't want them getting their seventh title. Especially not here. Plus you guys beat the Eagles. We owe you."

Ample beer, a 'Stallis wanna be and the Cowboys nation cheering us on.

It's in the bag.


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Ted Perry FOX 6 News; special to
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