By OnMilwaukee Staff Writers   Published Feb 21, 2011 at 3:24 PM

"Bar Month" at is back for another round! The whole month of February, we're serving up intoxicatingly fun articles on bars and clubs -- including guides, the latest trends, rapid bar reviews and more. Grab a designated driver and dive in!

As gets ready to host its third annual Bartender Olympics, you can prepare to cheer on the competition by familiarizing yourself with future Milwaukee Bar Olympians.

We've been profiling the participating bartenders over the last two weeks in preparation for the big night at Whiskey Bar on Thursday, Feb. 24.

Cheer on your favorite bartender while they compete in four events, including the Pabst can stack and the cocktail contest. Plus, there's a talent competition this year! Special guests include 102.1's Kramp and Adler and Jen Lada from Fox 6 News. Drink specials, a Shutterbox photo booth and Street-za Pizza will also be available.

Here's a quick Q & A with bartender Pete Marshall from the Brat House. How long have you been tending bar?

Pete Marshall: I have been bartending for almost two years, and the Brat House has been my only bartending job.

OMC: What's your favorite Milwaukee bar (other than the one where you work)?

PM: I work a lot so there isn't all that much going out. I like Jo-Cat's a lot, and Whiskey Bar, both have good staff and good music.

OMC: What's the most important tool behind the bar?

PM: It has to be ice. Without ice you're in trouble.

OMC: What's the best way to clean up vomit?

PM: Use cardboard as a scoop, a load of bleach and a mop It's horrible though cleaning vomit. I respect anyone who can do it without vomiting themselves.

OMC: What's the best way to handle someone who's been overserved?

PM: Be polite, but in charge, and feed them water.

OMC: Have you served anyone famous? If so, did they tip well?

PM: We've had a lot of famous people at the Brat House. I had Chrissie Hynde from the '80s band The Pretenders, she was nice. Uncle Kracker. Tony Shalhoub who plays Monk on TV. I didn't even realize who he was. The Australian comedian Jim Jeffries was in once. I'm forgetting a load, though. They all tipped very well.

OMC: What drink are you making for Bartender Olympics?

PM: My drink is the Joan Collins. The brand that I drew is Tanqueray, so I went down the Tom Collins route, added X-Rated and a couple of other things, and Its pretty good.