By Margaret Stutt, Special to   Published Mar 20, 2009 at 10:14 AM

Milwaukee's Margaret Stutt -- aka Pezzettino -- reports in from South by Southwest, where she's wowing the Texans and their guests with songs from her soon-to-be-released second CD, "Lion."

AUSTIN, Texas -- Have you ever been to SXSW? It's insane, I don't know how people come out alive! About halfway through and I'm buzzing, as if I'm hooked up to a electrical stimulation unit. The shows have been great, with audiences that are extraordinarily attentive and enthusiastic -- even the street performances I do on the side are met with mega video cameras and lenses! It's out of this world! Where else could you set up shop on the street between shows and get that kind of response?! I'm beginning to think I might as well skip the official shows altogether and just play on the street all day!!

One band from L.A. saw me and joined in playing rhythm by clapping and slapping paper -- it was so much fun. They asked me to play the accordion on one of their songs at their next SXSW show, so I was up late studying their CD. What an atmosphere! So much support... That said, my feet and right arm are beginning to protest, it's good that SXSW is only once a year.

Wish I had a turbo jet or time machine to make all of the shows here -- saw Langhorne Slim and M. Ward's free shows yesterday -- Langhorne Slim was fantastic, they have a lot of energy and put on a good show. I'm really torn between catching all of the acts and playing out as much as possible... it's like trying to catch every masterpiece at the Louvre in 30 seconds -- AH!!!! Where do I go!??! AH!

It's intense -- I think next time I maybe need to do a lot more homework to map out which of my idols is playing where and when, to be sure I take advantage of all these free showcases, you know?

Hope all is well in Milwaukee on the FIRST DAY OF SPRING! Hurrah! We made it!!