By Press Release Submitted to Published Oct 11, 2016 at 3:56 PM

Milwaukee: This fall, Discovery World and the Greater Milwaukee Foundation bring to Wisconsin "Physics & You," an exciting, fun and hands-on permanent exhibit that explores gravity, aerodynamics, lift and drag, electricity and electromagnetism, and Newtons Laws of Motion.

Through six interactive displays, "Physics & You" explores some of the fundamental forces of the universe by allowing visitors to build and launch rockets, connect a maze of circuits, construct and sail air cars, and much more. The new exhibit, which opens on Oct. 15, is presented in partnership with the Greater Milwaukee Foundation.

"Discovery World is excited to unveil 'Physics & You' to the community in partnership with the Greater Milwaukee Foundation," said Discovery World President and CEO Joel Brennan. "In 1665, a falling apple gave rise to Sir Isaac Newton’s laws of gravity and motion. More than 350 years later, kids can learn and apply those same laws by blasting off a rocket or racing a car in this interactive new exhibit that brings physics to life in fun and exciting ways."

"Physics & You" features these six stations:

  • Air Cars: Grab a car off the shelf, customize it for speed and experience Sir Isaac Newtons Third Law of Motion firsthand while racing a friend to the finish line.
  • Air Rockets: Visitors can choose a rocket or build their own, place it on the launch pad and witness Newtons First Law of Motion right in front of you.
  • Circuit Bench: Connect a maze of circuits to complete a connection with the device you want to power. No external power required!
  • Ring Launcher: Crank a generator to charge the capacitors that launch the ring. Experiment with different ring sizes, weights and designs to achieve new results.
  • Sailing Cars: All of the sailing, none of the water! Did you know the best angle to sail into wind is at 45 degrees? The vessel must zig-zag, or "tack," from starboard to port to reach a destination from which the wind is blowing.
  • Vertical Flyer: Up, up, and away! As the objects enter the air column, notice how different versions react to the same amount of force from the air.
The opening of "Physics & You" will also coincide with the Greater Milwaukee Foundation’s Gifts to the Community program on Oct. 15 that offers a special, one-day opportunity to explore Discovery World, Betty Brinn Children’s Museum, Milwaukee Art Museum, and the Port Washington Historical Society’s Port Exploreum and 1860 Light Station for free. 

"Our great lake is among our region’s most unique resources, but not everyone in our community has the same opportunity to access its shoreline and the fabulous organizations located there," said Ellen Gilligan, president and CEO of the Greater Milwaukee Foundation. "As we saw last year, philanthropy can eliminate barriers to provide an inclusive and welcoming experience that unites families and neighbors for a stronger community."

Launched in celebration of the Foundation’s centennial in 2015, Gifts to the Community aimed to provide special opportunities connecting greater Milwaukeeans while showcasing some of the region’s most positive characteristics. Last year, 275,000 people directly participated in 12 surprise gifts that engaged 25 different partner organizations.

"Physics & You" is free for Discovery World members and included with general admission: $18 for adults, $14 for children (3-17) and seniors (60+), and $12 for college students and military personnel.