By Dave Begel Contributing Writer Published Oct 11, 2012 at 3:03 PM

Politifact is all the rage and you know how it works. You take a statement made by some politician, check out the facts and determine if the statement was true or false or somewhere in between.

Like this.

STATEMENT: Most people use concealed carry to feel safer.
POLITIFACT: FALSE. Most people use concealed carry to feel more dangerous.

STATEMENT: Barack Obama could beat Mitt Romney in basketball.
POLITIFACT: TRUE. But Romney would win in sailing, croquet, water skiing and slo-pitch batting cage hitting.

STATEMENT: Mitt Romney will lower taxes on rich people.
POLITIFACT: FALSE. Mitt Romney will completely eliminate all taxes on rich people.

STATEMENT: People who say Obama was born in Kenya or Indonesia or Tasmania or someplace like that are really just stupid jerks who need to get a life.
POLITIFACT: TRUE. And they know who they are.

STATEMENT: Tommy Thompson is way too old.
POLITIFACT: IN BETWEEN. Too old for what?

STATEMENT: Mitt Romney is a better singer than Barack Obama.
POLITIFACT: FALSE. You're kidding, right?

STATEMENT: Barack Obama says Mitt Romney doesn't have any positions on anything.

STATEMENT: Barack Obama' favorite piece of furniture is John F. Kennedy's desk.
POLITIFACT: TRUE. Mitt Romney's favorite piece of furniture is Clint Eastwood's chair.

STATEMENT: Tammy Baldwin has been endorsed by Herb Kohl, Russ Feingold and Barack Obama.
POLITIFACT: TRUE. Tommy Thompson has been endorsed by Rush Limbaugh, Vanilla Ice and Alice in Dairyland.

STATEMENT: Mitt Romney invented the Internet.
POLITIFACT: FALSE. Mitt Romney hired Al Gore to invent the Internet.

STATEMENT: Mitt Romney says 47-percent of the people in America would never vote for him.
POLITIFACT: FALSE. The figure is way too low.

STATEMENT: Mitt Romney has an elevator to lift luxury cars to the second floor of the garage in his mansion.
POLITIFACT: FALSE. Romney hires illegal immigrants to carry his luxury cars to the second floor of the garage in his mansion.

STATEMENT: Tammy Baldwin is a lesbian.

STATEMENT: Mitt Romney and Barack Obama will combine to raise nearly $2 billion for this race.
POLITIFACT: True. Think about how many teachers, cops and firefighters you could hire with that much money.

STATEMENT: Scott Walker doesn't want to be anything other than governor of Wisconsin.
POLITIFACT: FALSE. Scott Walker wants to be king. And he wants Sheriff
David Clarke to be his Knight in Shining Armor.

STATEMENT: Mitt Romney would do anything to be elected president.
POLITIFACT: FALSE. Romney says he would never eat grits, never learn
Spanish or never watch "Dancing With the Stars."

STATEMENT: When out of the public eye, Romney's five Mormon sons act like drunken sailors.
POLITIFACT: FALSE. Unfair to drunken sailors everywhere.

STATEMENT: Barack Obama won't introduce his daughters to the Romney
POLITIFACT: TRUE. (See drunken sailor item above.)

STATEMENT: Under Obamacare, a government life or death panel will be make decisions about end of life matters for stupid politicians.
POLITIFACT: If only ...

Dave Begel Contributing Writer

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