By Matt Mueller Culture Editor Published May 15, 2019 at 1:16 PM

Sometimes I think about former Brewers first baseman and power hitter Prince Fielder. I think about how much fun and childlike joy he brought to the field, to his teammates and to Brewers fans across the nation, the way he reminded Very Important Sports Writers about how this is a game meant to be entertaining and fun, and the unfortunate way his playing career ended all too soon due to injury. 

So I decided to check in on Prince Fielder today to see what he's been up to. And, uh, it's a lot to digest:

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Bodies by BBQ #sponsored #bodybybbq @kingsford

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Why yes, that is Prince Fielder in the buff, posing for a photo very reminiscent of his infamous ESPN Body Issue shoot from 2014 – and somehow the beefy former Brewer looks even beefier. I mean that literally, as the photo features Prince regally raising a crown roast lamb above yet another crown roast lamb cooking away on a grill. Also he's wearing an embroidered cape, which is more clothing than last time. Improvement!

The photo comes as a part of what appears to be a sponsored content/ad deal between Major League Baseball and Kingsford charcoal, promoting grilling via Prince's #BodyByBBQ across MLB social media. (Last year's campaign featured full-bodied, as well as fully clothed, pitcher Bartolo Colon.) Perhaps that should be #BodiesByBBQ, however, as Prince Fielder is joined in this ad campaign by fellow well-fed All-Star David Ortiz and ... Cecil Fielder, Detroit Tigers great and father of Prince Fielder.

Your move, Griffeys.

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Seared to perfection. Can you taste the game? #BodyByBBQ @Kingsford power #sponsored

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Check out my rack? #bodybybbq @kingsford power and extra saucy #sponsored

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The sponsored advertisements also feature a new cookbook from Kingsford, "Taste of the Game," which includes grilling recipes inspired by each Major League Baseball team and their particular regional flavors. That's cool – though probably not as cold as these guys were posing in the buff, grilling up beef with all their man business out. 

But hey, props to Prince, Cecil and David Ortiz for bravely putting their unconventionally athletic figures out there (again, in Prince's case) and, even more so, the bravery to work over a grill with their tenderloins out and about. One wrong move, and you've seared the wrong slab of meat. Then you're #BodyBeenBBQ. 

And in case all this talk of beef and meat has made you hungry, check out Kingsford's website for some of the team-inspired recipes from "Taste of the Game." The recipe list hasn't reached Milwaukee yet – I imagine it'll be some kind of cheesy brat situation – but there's still some succulent-sounding dishes, like pulled pork poutine from Toronto and barbecued ribs from St. Louis.

Just please: Cook with your clothes on. You may have a similar belly to these guys, but you don't have the All-Star stats, World Series rings and home-run swings to make it look good. 

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