By Drew Olson Special to Published Jun 21, 2009 at 7:13 PM

I know the question will come tomorrow friends, extended family and co-workers.

What did you do for Father's Day?

I'm going to answer honestly, but not without a slight measure of guilt.

My answer?


That's right. On a day dedicated to dads around the country, all I wanted to do was, well, nothing.

I had a little breakfast. I played with the dog. I watched the Brewers and the U.S. Open on TV. I made a chicken salad sandwich. I napped -- twice. Then, the family grabbed a bite before heading to my father's house, where we did nothing except chat and eat delicious, homemade carrot cake. I even worked a little. (OK, more than a little).

But, it was mostly a day about nothing.

And, it was awesome.

Nobody gave me a hard time about it. My much better half and our beloved little sprout know that life is so hectic that a day without chores, errands or other obligations is the best gift I could hope to receive.

So, where does the guilt come into play?

For starters, I feel a little guilty letting people know that a day of sloth-like living is so appealing. I also don't want people to think less of my wife and daughter just because we didn't embark on an action-packed day in my honor.

I just wanted a day to unwind before climbing back on life's high-incline, high-speed treadmill.

I got it. I hope all the other dads out there got what they wanted, too.

Happy Father's Day.


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