By Seth McClung Special to Published Jan 05, 2011 at 10:49 AM

As our fearless leader and co-owner of Andy Tarnoff first announced a couple weeks ago, I have signed a contract to pitch with the Texas Rangers. This was very exciting for me and my family as we got the deal worked out before Christmas.

Currently, I am moving my mindset toward spring training in Arizona. I have to put my time with Milwaukee behind me, something I did poorly last year. While in camp last season with Miami I still had a strong bond with Milwaukee and the Brewers organization. I went to camp every day upset that I was no longer in a Brewers uniform.

I had felt that I had given my all to the Brewers. I loved my teammates, the city; hell, I even loved most of the coaching staff.

I was loyal, and I genuinely cared. In the end, however, I was shipped out.

By leaving my feelings for the Brewers behind I will be able to move forward in my career. I have a hard time with the business side of the game, though. I pride my self in being the type of guy that cares about who I play with and play for. I think that's why I related with a lot of the fans in Milwaukee. I am going to take this same approach to my time with the Rangers and I hope I get the opportunity to relate to the fans in the lone star state in the same way.

What's on at the McClung household:

  • First season of "Stargate SG-1"
  • "Axe Men"
  • College basketball
  • "Pawn Stars"
  • "American Pickers"
  • "Storage Wars"
  • I am also very excited about the return of "V." Thank God for the HDDVR.

Wisconsin's loss to TCU in the Rose Bowl: Before I get going on this one, I picked Wisconsin to beat TCU. After seeing the result of the game I have to think that the karma of scoring 70 plus points three times this season twice with in the conference could have played a roll in this loss. Also wasn't there an issue this season with going for two with this team?

Speaking of karma: I'm a coach of a girls basketball team that is 0-14. I hope karma is real, since there are a bunch of teams who pressed a little too long and I look forward to returning the favor. Speaking of the development of my team at Pinellas Park High School, my JV team (I am also the head coach of that team) is 3-5. That is a better season than the last three years combined.

It a shame, but it's the game: The Tampa Bay Buccaneers are out of the playoffs and they have 10 wins this season. It's an absolute shame that they are out and we are holding our breath on the Rams/Seahawks game to see what team gets to lose to the Saints. But the kicker is the NFL wins, people talk about how unfair it is ... and all publicity is good publicity.

Seth McClung Special to

Seth McClung pitched for the Milwaukee Brewers from 2007-2009, but broke into the Major Leagues with Tampa Bay in 2003. The West Virginia native is now a pitcher in Taiwan.

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