By OnMilwaukee Staff Writers   Published Jul 09, 2011 at 1:10 PM

Whether you've had a little too much fun in the sun, an exceptional customer service experience or a first-hand battle with Summerfest traffic, this week's Recommends has your plan of action, plus even more stuff we like - just to keep things interesting.

Suki Butter Cream Salve – Do summer sports have you sore and sunburned? Suffer not - if you have Suki Butter Cream Salve. This all-purpose balm is loaded with natural goodies like organic cocoa butter for softening and organic arnica to reduce inflammation will help solve just about any skin issue any time of year. The solid balm melts into a velvety liquid when warmed up in the hands and immediately soothes dry skin, aches, redness and chafing in kids and adults. I've been using it on my sore muscles and enjoying the bonus calming effect from the butter's relaxing lavender scent. – Lindsay Garric 

Complimenting a worker – This spring, while eating in a diner in Savannah, Ga., I overheard a customer ask to speak to a manager and then went on to say what a wonderful job her server did. I was moved by this, because we are so quick to point out bad food or service and less likely to take the time to give compliments. Inspired by the interaction I saw in Savannah, I did the same thing after a very positive Milwaukee dining experience. Turns out, it was the five-year anniversary of the person's employment at the establishment. Bottom line is that spreading good vibes feels great when it comes from a sincere place. Try it. – Molly Snyder

The MCTS freeway flyer – I've taken the park and ride shuttle to Summerfest and ethnic festivals at Maier Festival Park for years. Recently a few of us opted to drive down with a friend's parking pass, mostly to avoid the hassle of shoulder-to-shoulder crowds in the closing time exodus and the less-than-sober people that inevitably grace us with their loud/crazy antics on our shared bus ride home. I can't stress enough how bad of an idea this was. It took a grand total of two hours to get home, a time made worse by bottlenecked traffic flow and an accident in the line ahead of us. Suddenly, the minor inconveniences of drunks and shuffling crowds are more than tolerable in comparison. I can now say without a doubt I will choose the MCTS over do-it-yourself driving any fest day of the week. It's ridiculously easy and efficient for the number of people it moves each day and night, and even though Summerfest is coming to a close, it's still a great option for the more popular upcoming ethnic festivals. – Renee Lorenz

As Bad As They Say? Three Decades of Teaching in the Bronx (Empire State Editions) – Janet Grossbach Mayer spent 45 years teaching in New York schools, 33 of them in the Bronx, and she uses her experiences there to show how resilient kids can be even in the toughest of circumstances and how a little guidance and nurturing can help them move forward to a better place. At the same time she draws on her experience to explain why she believes No Child Left Behind and the mania for standardized testing is killing American education. While the student profiles are written in a home-y, conversational style (there's a lot of exclamation points), Mayer has no trouble getting deadly serious in the sections where she takes on politicians and business people who think that they know what's wrong with – and what's right for – America's schools and kids. – Bobby Tanzilo

Storm the Bastille -- The East Town Association's annual Bastille Days in Downtown Milwaukee is one of my favorite events.  And, the annual "Storm the Bastille" ( is a proud sponsor) is always a great time.  Sign up today, and I'll see you there.  I guarantee a good time! -- Jeff Sherman