By Erin Ulicki Sales Manager Published Mar 15, 2009 at 10:47 AM

Working for an independent media company in a down economy has its advantages.

We don't have layers of bureaucracy weighing us down.  We aren't the profitable arm of a company with its lifeblood being sucked out by the elderly, non-profitable wing of the company. When we see something coming down the pike we react to it, even if we couldn't plan for it. We are nimble and make our own decisions quickly.

 The turbulence in the economy has made us refocus on our strengths at Yes, we are a local publication, is our flagship and will always be our love. 

We are also a 11-year-old Web development company who knows how to design for usability and clarity. With The In Click Network we have also extended our reach beyond our backyard and can easily establish topical Web sites quickly like, when Milwaukeean Danny Gokey moved ahead in the ranks of Fox's "American Idol" show. A move Publisher Andy Tarnoff describes as "capturing lightning in a bottle."

And if I get my way, we'll be developing a simple, advertising / project management tool for small to medium-sized businesses like ourselves.

It's an exciting time to be part of a small business. Scary sometimes, but man, it gets your creative juices flowing, it builds camaraderie among your team and it makes your business a lean, fighting machine. So when we come out of this recession, expect to sprint ahead.

Where will your business be?

Erin Ulicki Sales Manager

Erin has been with since 2001 when she wowed Jeff Sherman with her knowledge of sales summed up as "ABC - Always Be Closing."

In truth it is her passion for media and Milwaukee that has helped her forge the strong relationships that has helped grow. The ever-changing media landscape holds infinite capabilities, as do the colleagues she works with at

Erin expanded the offices of westward when she moved to Waukesha, Wis., in 2004.