By Josh Hertzog   Published Jun 13, 2005 at 5:01 AM

{image1} The members of The Redwalls, a rock quartet from Chicago, range in age from 20-22, but their sound is mature beyond their years. And Saturday night at the Rave, they provided off-the-wall music that had many craving more.

The band consists of vocalist/guitarist Logan Baren, vocalist/bassist Justin Baren, vocalist/guitarist Andrew Langer and drummer Ben Greeno. From the second The Redwalls strutted out onto the Rave Bar stage, adorned with out-of-style '70s suits, it was clear that this band was ready to rock.

The Redwalls have probably seen larger crowds in their day, like when they opened for Keane at the Rave in February. But the sparse crowd of 100-200 didn't phase the band at all, and their performance was just as entertaining, if not more.

Their style is rock and roll, with strong hints of what the band members grew up listening to: Rolling Stones, Beatles, Bob Dylan and Otis Redding.

The Redwalls have an energy that a nuclear power plant would appreciate. They aren't afraid to have fun by interacting with the crowd and with each other.

The Redwalls' performance excelled with their harmony, frequently sharing a mic, a la early Beatles. The band is touring to support their debut album on Capitol Records, "De Nova," due out June 21. It wouldn't be a bad idea for those craving good ol' classic rock and roll to pick up the album. If you have Jet's "Get Born" album, "De Nova" should be right next to it.

But seeing The Redwalls live is twice as nice as listening to the disc. The energy and sound is far more pure, and it's easy to understand this band is having fun while recycling a classic rock sound. Lollapalooza fans should look for The Redwalls performing in Chicago on July 23.