By Heather Leszczewicz Special to Published May 10, 2007 at 3:08 PM

The Milwaukee Repertory Theater's '07-'08 season is as varied as ever. Artistic Director Joseph Hanreddy announced today the collection of plays that will make up next season's Quadracci Powerhouse Theater, Stieke Theater and Stackner Cabaret.

The Quadracci Powerhouse begins its season Sept. 7 with "Cyrano de Bergerac," a tale of romance and honor, starring Lee Ernst in the title role. Next will be the Broadway hit "Doubt" (Oct. 19-Nov. 18), focusing on a nun who suspects a priest is having illicit relations with a student. Over the holidays, "The Norman Conquests" (Dec. 4 - Jan. 20) a quiet weekend in the country isn't as quiet as one would think, takes to the stage.

The next part of the season sees the return of director Kate Buckley for "Glengarry Glen Ross" (Feb.1-March 2). There will be a premiere of Charles Randolph-Wright's play "The Night is a Child" (March 14-April 13). The season will finish out with "Armadale" (April 25-May 25), a tale by Jeffrey Hatcher involving deception, curses, romance and murder.

Beginning with comedy, the Stiemke Theater's season begins with two couples meeting on a beach in "Seascape" on Sept. 16. Following that production, will be period piece, set post-World War I. A few English couples find themselves wanting to escape London because of its dreariness in "Enchanted April" (Feb. 10-March 9). Finally, the season closes with "Endgame" (March 23-April 20) from playwright Samuel Beckett as a commentary on how life is forever cyclical.

Roger Bean is back with a doo-wop era musical, "Life Can Be a Dream," to begin the Stackner Cabaret series on Sept. 8. Carolynne Warner brings a new show with "Carolin' Carolynne's Comin' to Town" (Nov. 10-Jan. 6). Based in Grafton, Wis. Kevin Ramsey's "Grafton City Blues" (Jan. 12-March 9) is the third production and focuses on the blues records made by Paramount Studios during 1929-1932. The final show, always a crowd pleaser, is "Hula Hoop Sha-Boop" (March 15-May 11).

And, of course, it's never Christmas without the Rep's production of "A Christmas Carol" (Nov. 23-Dec. 23).

Subscriptions to the Rep's performances range from $42 to $300. Single tickets will go on sale beginning Aug. 20. 

Heather Leszczewicz Special to

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