By OnMilwaukee Staff Writers   Published Jan 17, 2011 at 12:03 PM

I get it: almost everybody in Wisconsin is a Packers fan.

Walk into a bar, you'll see the Packers on TV and assorted team memorabilia slapped on the walls while fans clad in Packers attire discuss whether or not the third-string tight end is better than the opponent's third-string linebacker.

I get it. Go pack go.

But when I turn on the local news and see anchors and reporters sporting Packers gear while reporting on the game, reporting on fans or even just reporting on the weather, I have to wonder if a line has been crossed.

The media is supposed to be impartial. It's rule No. 1. No sides. Period. End of story.

When did it become acceptable for media members to sport team colors on-air? If the individual is a fan, that's fine, but that's something best reserved for somebody's personal life, off-camera. Wearing a Packers tie, acting overly giddy or portraying anything even close to a rooting interest just strikes me as completely unprofessional -- but maybe that's just me.

That said, I give sports radio types a bit of leeway. They're supposed to be the sounding board for the average fan and, to facilitate genuine discussion, a little bit of "homer-ism" is accepted practice. But the second I hear an on-air personality use "we" or "us" to refer to the team in discussion, I'm done and flipping the channel.

Unfortunately, it doesn't look like things are going to change -- especially with the Packers on the verge of a Super Bowl appearance. Like storm coverage, I'm told, Packers reports mean big ratings for TV stations so I guess this falls into the "just the way things are going to be" category.