By Molly Snyder Senior Writer Published Oct 13, 2007 at 5:43 AM

Brew City is one of the bratwurst capitals of the world (along with Sheboygan), and although most Milwaukeeans consume the majority of their brats during backyard barbeques, festivals or sporting events, many local restaurants offer them as regular menu items, too.

“Although brats are a food people serve up at home a lot, more bratwursts are available on menus here in Milwaukee than most other cities,” says Debra Usinger of Usinger’s Sausage. "Eating brats in restaurants is especially popular with tourists."

Sometimes referred to as “Wisconsin’s soul food,” bratwurst is a seasoned sausage made from pork, beef or veal. It is usually grilled, but can be broiled, pan-fried or parboiled in beer or wine. Wisconsin is home to three major bratwurst makers: Usinger’s, Johnsonville and Klement’s.

Here’s a list of Milwaukee restaurants with bratwurst on their menu, and contribute others by using the talkback feature. It's great living in one of the "wurst" places in the world, isn't it?

Brew City restaurants that serve brats:

Bavarian Inn
700 W. Lexington Blvd.
(414) 964-0300

The Bavarian’s brat ($5.50) is char-grilled and comes on a pretzel roll with the option of sauerkraut.

Beer Belly's
512 W. Layton Ave.
(414) 481-5520

The Original Brat Patty ($5.50) is grilled and served on a bun with sauerkraut and onions.

Brat Stop
12304 75th St., Kenosha
(262) 857-2011

The Brat Stop offers regular ole' bratwurst on a bun, as well as weekend breakfasts like the brat scramble with brat sausage, eggs, potatoes, cheese and veggies, and the Egg Von Brat which includes an egg and a cheese slice on an English muffin.

Colonel Hart’s
7342 W. State St.
(414) 476-3070

Colonel Hart’s offers Pat’s Brat Burger ($6.25) topped with thinly sliced raw onions and served on a toasted roll.

Karl Ratzsch’s
320 E. Mason St.
(414) 276-2720

The Ratzsch’s dinner menu features a European sampler ($24.50) that includes knackwurst, Hungarian sausage and bratwurst. They have an early dining menu, served until 6 p.m. on weeknights, featuring the Wurst Teller ($16.95) that includes bratwurst and knackwurst served with sauerkraut, spinach and whipped potatoes.

1041 N. Old World Third St.
(414) 271-3377
Mader’s lunch menu features a Bavarian platter ($13.95) that includes a Usinger’s grilled brat served with simmered knockwurst in sauerkraut. It’s comes with a slice of kassler rippchen (smoked pork loin) and a potato dumpling.

811 N. Jefferson St.
(414) 273-5397

Mi-Key’s serves a sharable portion called the Milwaukee Sausage Platter ($16.95) with bratwurst, Italian sausage and knockwurst.

Milwaukee Ale House
233 N. Water St.
(414) 226-2337
The Ale House’s lunch menu includes a Usinger’s bratwurst ($5.99) with sauerkraut and a choice of fries, potato salad or slaw.

Old German Beer Hall
1009 N. Old World 3rd St.
(414) 226-2728

The Old German Beer hall runs a weekday lunch special which includes a brat with kraut, a choice of side dish and a glass of root beer for $5. Bratwurst is also available on the dinner menu.

Jack Pandl’s Whitefish Bay Inn
1319 E. Henry Clay St.
(414) 964-3800

Jack Pandl’s dinner menu features a sausage platter ($16.95) with a bratwurst, knockwurst and a hot dog. It’s served with a side of sauerkraut.

Pizza Shuttle
1827 N. Farwell Ave.
(414) 289-9993

The massive Pizza Shuttle menu features a Klement’s brat with sauerkraut ($3.99).

Taylor and Dunn
10365 N. Cedarburg Rd., Mequon
(262) 242-8030

The bratwurst melt ($7.95) is two Johnsonville brats (split the long way) topped with onions and cheese and grilled on marble rye bread. Comes with a side of brown mustard.

Turner Historic Restaurant
1034 N. 4th St.
(414) 276-4844

Turner’s menu includes a beer-simmered Usinger’s bratwurst ($7.45) served with Dusseldorf sauerkraut.

Water Street Brewery
1101 N. Water St.
(414) 272-1195

Water Street’s menu features the Milwaukee Vienna ($6.95) – a Usinger’s brat simmered in Water Street beer and spices. It’s charbroiled and served on a bun with kraut.

Whole Foods Beer and Brat Station
2305 N. Prospect Ave.
(414) 223-1500

The beer and brat station at Whole Foods ($4.99) has a rotating selection of brats, ranging from teriyaki to garlic and cilantro. All brats come with a choice of two sides (beans, corn bread, mac ‘n’ cheese, greens, etc.) and are available from 11 a.m. to 10:30 p.m.

Wegner’s St. Martins Inn
11318 W. St. Martins Rd.
(414) 425-9971
The lunch menu features a Usinger’s brat ($3.95) and Usinger’s Wurst Platter ($7.50) that comes with a brat, knackwurst and German potato salad. Dinner menu features the St. Martins Platter ($11.50) with a bratwurst, knackwurst, kassler rippchen, sauerkraut and boiled red potatoes.

Weissgerber’s Gasthaus
2720 N. Grandview Blvd.
(262) 544-4460

Weissgerber’s dinner menu includes a bratwurst ($16) and a sausage plate ($19). There is also a lunch version of the sausage plate ($9).

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