By Judy Steffes Special to Published Aug 14, 2008 at 4:58 PM

WEST BEND -- West Bend East High School graduate Ryan Rohlinger made it to the big show last night, starting at third base for the San Francisco Giants.

Rohlinger, 24, went 1 for 4 at the plate with an RBI double in the seventh inning. He also committed with a pair of errors, both overthrows to first base.

"Anything he does from here on out will be an improvement," joked Doug Gonring, who was coach at West Bend East when Rohlinger was a Suns standout from 1999 to 2002.

Gonring shrugged off Rohlinger's throwing errors, saying the young player does better under pressure.

"That was always Ryan; give him too much time to think about the throw and that'll hurt him."

There were about 30 people at Gonring's Kewaskum home, watching Rohlinger make his major league debut.

Family, friends and former coaches all groaned when the network television announcers mispronounced Rohlinger's name.

"He'll have to have a couple of hits and then they'll know his name," said Gonring.

In West Bend, the Rohlinger family gathered at Bender's Sports Bar. Brother Matt Rohlinger said they were with Ryan in Akron, Ohio, when he got the call.

"We traveled to Akron to see his Connecticut Defenders Double-A team play," said Matt. "After the game, we were sitting in the hotel watching the Olympics, Ryan said he was going to bed and a half hour later he walked back in and said ‘Pack your bags I'm leaving for Houston.'"

Rohlinger slept little, and within the next eight hours found his way from the Akron airport on a flight to Houston. His orange and black Giants number 57 uniform with his name on back was waiting for him when he arrived.

The Giants lost to Houston last night, 6-2, and dropped a 7-4 decision this afternoon. Rohlinger went 0 for 4 in the matinee. Gonring expects Rohlinger to remain with the Giants through the rest of the season.

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