By Molly Snyder Senior Writer Published Feb 02, 2014 at 9:06 AM

In November, profiled Sara Santiago, a local business owner, writer and mom who is struggling with serious medical issues.

Recently, Santiago launched a new blog called Chronically Irritated. It's snarky, accessible, visually appealing, funny and R-rated. (You've been warned.) recently caught up with Santiago and asked for the gory details on her new web words and more. When exactly did the blog debut?

Sara Santiago: The blog launched on Jan. 27, but it had been live for about a month before I announced it.

OMC: When/how long did you have the other blog and what was it called?

SS: I started blogging about my kids on Blogger in 2006. Then, in 2009, I launched It was just a personal blog, but I did write about my medical / neurological challenges quite a lot. I had been hiding all of it from just about everyone. My family, close friends and business partners knew, but I became an excellent actress in public. It was kind of a big deal for me to finally share all of that stuff, and my blog was an outlet to do that.

OMC: How is this blog different?

SS: The focus is less on me – maybe – and more about other people's stories –probably. And, yeah, I'll dish out advice. Some of it might be really good, and some of it might be really terrible. In fact, the whole blog might turn out to be really good or really terrible. I think that's important to point out from the get go. I don't want people to have high expectations only to find themselves reaching for the tube of disappointment ointment after they read it.

OMC: So what is the blog "about?"

SS: It's mostly just observational stuff. I'll be writing about things I notice, things that piss me off, things I dig, things other people dig and people I find interesting. It's really just advice and entertainment. It's not unique, other than it's my voice, uncensored. This is my blog. There are many like it, but this one is mine.

OMC: How often do you plan to update it / post?

SS: I think weekly, at the very least, for my own posts. As far as posting advice, that part of the blog will have posts as frequently as the number of incoming questions dictate. If I don't get any submissions, maybe I'll just give myself advice, like, "Perhaps dishing out advice isn't your thing. You should try something else. Do you crochet?" or "Asking yourself about crocheting is (explicative) weird, and probably why no one wants your advice." I'll just post whenever I have something worth posting about. I'm not a fan of the whole blogging rules / best practices thing. I think it's all crap. I don't write to get "hits." I just try to write awesome sh*t, even if I'm the only one who reads it.

OMC: Is it tough to write a compelling blog in 2014?

SS: It isn't tough to write a compelling blog. It's just harder to get people's attention, because there are millions? billions? ... There are a lot of blogs out there. Ten years ago, most people were all, "What's a web log?" Today, the Internet is like a hyperactive paperboy, flinging Facebook updates and bathroom selfies at you like he *really* wants to earn those two dollars.

OMC: What would you say to new bloggers?

SS: Dear New Bloggers,

Write awesome sh*t. Write in your own voice. Be brave. Ignore the trolls. If you build it, they will come. (Then again, some people build it, and then make a super crappy movie five years later. If Kevin Costner had asked my advice, the first thing I would have said to him is, "If you make 'Waterworld,' I will punch you right in the face.") You know what, let's just leave it at the 'write awesome sh*t' thing. That really is most important. You'd probably never make it in Hollywood anyway.


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