By OnMilwaukee Staff Writers   Published Sep 16, 2008 at 5:20 AM

Workers from Saz's Catering and Karl's Event Rental combine to help provide daily meals to a camp of 500 utility repair personnel working to clean up the aftermath of Hurricane Ike.

The Saz's crew is traveling to Woodville, Texas, about 80 miles northeast of Houston.

John Schlueter, owner of Karl's Event Rental, is coordinating and providing the encampment logistics and has contacted Saz's Catering to assist in the relief efforts.

"Knowing our abilities and expertise to set up a remote kitchen, and to feed thousands of people, John called us to see if we could put this together on moments notice," said Joe Brueggemann, Saz's catering director.

"We pulled together our team from Saz's entire operations and immediately began laying this out."

The first meal for the utility workers will need to be ready to serve on Wednesday night.

"We have done many events over the years that required us to set up fully-functioning kitchens in remote areas," said Steve Sazama, owner of Saz's. "Thousands of people have been served at one time at these events, so we have a good working knowledge on this type and scale of food operation."

Saz's Catering staff will provide three meals per day and may be at the location from seven to 28 days.

"Karl's disaster relief coordinates set-up of sleeping, showers, laundry and food facilities for events like this" Bruegemann said. "They (Karl's) are currently at multiple locations in Texas. We'll design the menus and help provide the means to make sure these people have nutritious meals to keep them going all hours of the day."