By Rachel Kubik, OnMilwaukee Intern   Published Aug 07, 2019 at 5:01 PM

More often than not at the Wisconsin State Fair, you just need a place to sit down, take a break and eat. Or drink. Or both. Saz’s Miller High Life Pavilion, located right by the giant slide on Central Avenue, can provide you with solutions to both of those problems – and lots more.

Offering multiple rooms under their giant roof, shaded table areas and wait service staff, Saz's has a lot of good qualities. Here are six reasons why Saz’s is the place to go at the State Fair.

1. Shaded tables and roofs

Need a break from the sun? Saz’s Miller High Life Pavilion has you covered. Literally. Not only is having an umbrella or a roof over your head good to stay out of the sun, but it also is great protection from (*knocks on wood*) the rain.

2. Live music

Saz’s has a full lineup of live music daily, so be sure to check its schedule in the daily guide. Catch the performers on the large modern stage and dance along with them.

3. Fans

And I’m not talking about sports-goers. Even when there isn’t a natural breeze, Saz’s creates one. Giant fans are set up throughout all segments of the Pavilion, keeping you cool as you sit and sip (or eat).

4. Lots of food

From barbecue pork nachos to multiple options for hot dogs and burgers, Saz’s has a lot to choose from. Munch on a bratwurst or get a hickory smoked turkey breast wrap.

5. The bar

Along with the food, there is a wide menu of beer and other beverages at Saz’s. Order right from the bar, or take a seat and have it delivered to your table. Saz’s has water, soda, Leinenkugels, Redd’s, Coors, Henry’s hard sparkling water and more. And, of course, Miller products.

Though it may not be for drinking (we wouldn't judge, though), they also sell their famous barbecue sauce in four different flavors at the bar for just $5 each, so you can take home the smokey flavor and use it for all your barbecue needs.

6. TVs

Watch your favorite baseball team (the Brewers, who else?) take on their opponents throughout the State Fair. Or catch a Packers practice game. Either way, there are only a few locations you can find a TV on the grounds – and Saz’s is one of them.