By Drew Olson Special to Published Jan 19, 2008 at 5:27 AM

SEVEN MILE BEACH, GRAND CAYMAN ISLAND -- We had to travel a long way in order to escape the Packers-Giants hype machine.

For what it's worth, Keith, a bartender from Dallas, likes the Packers to cover this weekend and then lose the Super Bowl to New England.

Keith may or may not be a sage football analyst, but he makes a mean rum runner.

On to the notes:

Tundra talk: You've heard the breakdowns and weather reports all week but there is only one thing to consider when the Packers face the Giants Sunday afternoon at Lambeau Field.

If Brett Favre plays well, the Packers will win comfortably. If he doesn't, they'll struggle.

The stakes are higher, but the pre-game storyline hasn't changed much in 17 years has it?

Man in the middle: A few years ago, the joke in the press box was that Bud Selig was baseball's "interim" commissioner for life."

The joke lost some zip when Bud took over the job on a full-time basis. But, it gathered more steam this week when it was announced that the owners had extended his contract through 2012.

If he serves his full term, Selig will be 78 and have been in the job 20 years.

A lot of critics say, "Why don't they get rid of him?"

The answer is simple: Owners love Bud. He's fostered a run of labor peace and prosperity that is unmatched. And, he takes all the bullets for things like steroids.

The owners begged him to stay. He's staying. Baseball's gain is a loss for some university's history department.

Congratulations, Bud.

Lighten up, Frances: The National Football League was within its rights when it cracked down on theaters showing Packers games in the local market.

But, that doesn't make it right.

The NFL is trying to preserve its ratings and pump up its rights fees. When a lot of people watch the game in one place, it isn't reflected in the ratings. Ratings are used to determine ad rates, which determine rights fees.

You wish the jackbooted thugs would leave the theaters alone. But, they are going to fight tooth and nail to protect what's theirs. Don't believe us? Try tuning your cable box to the NFL Network.

Sage advice: The Packers sent out the following tips for fans attending Sunday's game:

Stay home and watch on TV.

Just kidding.

Don Hartig of the Bellin Health Family Medical Center in Howard, Wis., offered the following tips for those lucky enough to score a ticket:

Dress appropriately: Hypothermia and frostbite can occur even without subzero temperatures. Wear loose, dry layers, but don't overdress. Give yourself the opportunity to shed layers to adjust to weather changes. Try a mix of cotton or wool underneath, with something waterproof on top.

Put a hat on: Most body heat, about 40 percent, is lost through the head, so wear a hat.

Try mittens instead of gloves: Mittens will offer more warmth to your hands than gloves.

Wear comfortable, waterproof, insulated boots: This will help prevent hypothermia or frostbite by keeping feet dry and warm.

Drink warm beverages: Drink something warm, not hot.

Alcohol: Alcoholic beverages prevent the body from generating heat and can cause dehydration, which leaves one more susceptible to cold weather. As always, please drink in moderation.

Watch for warning signs: Learn the signs of hypothermia, including severe shivering, dizziness, drowsiness and confusion. Watch for signs of frostbite, such as grayish, white or yellowed skin, pain or numbness or waxy skin. Get medical attention immediately if you notice any of these symptoms.

Get out of wet clothes immediately: Once the game is over and you have the chance, get out of your wet clothing and warm up using a blanket. Drink warm fluids but don't immediately jump into a steaming hot shower or bath.

Cactus juice: Our spies tell us that the Brewers will televise three spring training games this year. The likely candidates: March 14 at San Diego (a Friday night game), March 16 at Seattle and March 24 vs. Colorado, a piggyback broadcast with the Rockies.

Comeback kid? We're ready to take heat if this prediction doesn't pan out, but the Brewers made a smart move by signing lefty Chris Capuano to a $3.75 million contract.

Capuano was an all star in 2005. He was 0-12 in his final 22 outings last year and the Brewers had to be tempted to kick him to the curb. But, he's not a lost cause. Pitching is at a premium these days and Capauno could bounce back. He's not even 30 yet and he's healthy. He deserves another look.

Brick layers: The Marquette Golden Eagles were 0 for 12 from three-point range during a 20-point loss at Louisville. That snapped a string of 228 straight games in which the Eagles hit at least one trey. Marquette needs to shoot better from the outside to avoid road losses like the one at Freedom Hall.

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