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Welcome to Saturday Scorecard, a place for youngsters and oldsters -- happy and otherwise -- to kill a few minutes together before the weekend escapes.

Back in the game: While the rest of the National Basketball Association focuses on what has been an exciting start to the playoff marathon, the Bucks are preparing for yet another draft lottery and trying to figure out ways to avoid being in it again next year.

On Saturday, though, there was a ray of good news:

Andrew Bogut has been cleared to being working out.

The 7-foot center, limited to just 36 games last season because of a stress fracture in his lower back, will begin training for the 2009-'10 season.

"Earlier this week, Andrew underwent further testing on his back in Australia," general manager John Hammond said in a statement released by the team.

"We're extremely happy to report that the results of the scan showed Andrew's injury to be healed and his doctors have cleared him to begin his off-season workouts."

Bogut, who admitted that sitting out made him a little stir crazy last winter, said in the statement: "This day couldn't come soon enough for me. I'm looking forward to a productive summer in the gym and being in top form for training camp and the 2009-2010 season."



Soggy night: We were all set to analyze the proceedings from Busch Stadium last night, but the Brewers-Cardinals game was postponed with one out in the bottom of the second inning. Heavy rains and wind prompted the decision and the teams will make up the game at 7:15 Monday night.

The interesting thing about this is the reaction of some Brewers fans. St. Louis led the game, 2-0, on a two-run homer by Colby Rasmus. That, coupled with the fact that Gallardo didn't look particularly sharp, prompted some fans to react with relief that the game did not continue.

Haven't we seen enough comebacks already this season to realize that a 2-0 deficit -- particularly early -- is not as insurmountable as it was for the Brewers of six or seven years ago?

It looks like Brewers manager Ken Macha will use Braden Looper to start against the Cardinals in the makeup game. That would be big on two fronts. First, Looper pitched for the Cardinals and is familiar with both the team and the mound. Second, it would give Gallardo, a Texas native, a chance to pitch in Houston, where he shut the Astros out earlier this year and always has a large contingent of friends and family on hand.

Speaking of Macha: Check out this story by AOL's Jeff Fletcher about the Brewers manager seems to be thriving away from Oakland's general manager Billy Beane.

Two interesting points; Macha has never been involved with a losing season as a coach or manager in the minor leagues; while tension with players was cast as a problem for Macha in Oakland, it sure seems like his issues with Beane were more of a factor.

Early indications are that Macha and Brewers GM Doug Melvin will get along fine. Then again, how can anyone not get along with Melvin?

Traveling man: Brad Nelson will have to end his hitless streak with a new organization. Nelson, who was 0 for 21 with the Brewers this season, elected free agency rather than accepting an outright assignment to Class AAA Nashville.

The Brewers demoted Nelson in order to bring up prospect Mat Gamel. Nelson, who was outrighted once before, had the option of refusing the assignment. He's now a free agent. Though the market may not be strong for hitless hitters, he probably made a shrewd move. With a stacked outfield and Prince Fielder at first base, Nelson's chances of returning to the big-league roster weren't very good.

Now, he can hook on with another club. One possibility is Seattle. Mariners general manager Jack Zduriencik drafted Nelson in Milwaukee.

Just wondering: Is anybody stoked about the NBA Draft lottery and the Bucks' prospects for moving up? We didn't think so.

Class of '09: The Wisconsin Athletic Hall of Fame announced its 2009 class this week and the inductees included former Packers president Bob Harlan, former UW football coach and current athletic director Barry Alvarez, Badger booster (and former basketball star) Ab Nicholas, former Badgers basketball coach and longtime tennis star John Powless, Olympic wrestler and UW standout Lee Kemp and NCAA administrator Judith Sweet.

Other nominees included Bob Lanier, Suzy Favor Hamilton, Ray Scott and Phil Wittliff.

My radio colleague, Channel 12 sports director Dan Needles, wrote a blog lobbying for another candidate.

Iron deficient: Not only did the Iron lose a game, 53-19, against Tulsa Friday night at the Bradley Center, but the fledgling af2 team lost another quarterback.

With Tyler Donovan already out with a knee injury, Shane Adler suffered a concussion after being sacked early in the third quarter. That left wide receiver Scott Burnoski to run a rudimentary offense.

The Iron (2-6) will scramble to find a quarterback this week. Maybe's Dave Begel still has some eligibility.

Larry King Lounge: You heard it here -- the stolen base is making a comeback. Maybe not at Brewers games, but in other cities teams seem to be embracing the steal as an offensive weapon.... Manny Parra's "stuff" is similar to Philadelphia ace Cole Hamels' arsenal. Parra just seems to have a bit more trouble channeling his anger/enthusiasm and keeping his mistakes from compounding.... The Brewers are only wearing the "retro" jerseys on the first Friday of every month and the players aren't complaining. They don't really like the getups. Rumor has it that in the reasonably near future the team may switch back to a road jersey that says "Milwaukee."... Charles Barkley, whose golf misadventures are a programming highlight on The Golf Channel, recently lost a pushup contest with a female camera operator on TNT. Barkley has made some mistakes as a public figure, but he remains compelling.... It was sad to hear of Wayman Tisdale's passing. He was an interesting player from the moment he emerged as a star at Oklahoma University and his musical career added another reason to follow his progress.... If Reggie Bush skirted the rules while playing football at USC, and all indications are that he did, should we be shocked that O.J. Mayo got some illegal benefits?... If the Bucks end up not retaining Charlie Villanueva for next year, Charlie Bell is ready to become the team's top Twitter contributor. Bell has been updating fans with "tweets" for several weeks. Danny Gokey has discovered the Twitterverse, too.... Does anyone else feel sorry for the Brewers' Diamond Dancers when they are forced to writhe around in the dirt before games?.... It's only been a couple months, but we feel pretty confident in saying that the Brewers made a great move by hiring Corey Provus to replace Jim Powell. "Corey calls a great game," Cubs announcer Pat Hughes said last week.... When push comes to shove in the NHL playoffs, always root for the teams from the "Original Six." It's better for the league. Nobody really remembers the Stanley Cup's stints in Tampa or Carolina. But, it's still amazing in Detroit, Chicago, Boston, New York, Montreal and Toronto... We're not going to get into a spirited ethical conversation about the "Happy Youngster" episode this week. Everybody is entitled to have a hobby, but there is something a bit unseemly about a grown man roaming the ballpark with a glove, pestering uniformed personnel for souvenirs.... If the Pfister ghosts really played a role in the Brewers sweeping the Marlins, where were they during the Ruben Quevedo era?



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