By Matt Mueller Culture Editor Published Jun 07, 2019 at 9:16 AM

Now that summer finally seems to be sticking around, Downtown Milwaukee's looking pretty great – thanks in large part to the work of Sculpture Milwaukee, coloring in the sidewalks of Wisconsin Avenue with creative and one-of-a-kind artwork for the third straight year. 

This year's collection features almost two dozen brand new works to Wisconsin Avenue – from the very serious to the silly, from the photorealistic to the preposterous and surreal, from small to big to REALLY big in the case of Carlos Rolón's vibrant piece gracing the entire glass cube in front of Chase Tower. The one thing they all share in common: They make any trot down Wisconsin Avenue that much more interesting and surprising. (Bet you never expected to say, "Hey, is that a giant angry rabbit in a magician's hat?" while walking around Downtown.)

The outdoor public art exhibition officially opens on Friday, June 7, but with most of the pieces already in place – Sean Scully's "Black Stacked Frames" is still in the process of installation – we wanted to get a head start on the art. And we figured you might too, so help you on your hunt, here's what all the works look like and where you'll be able to find each new Downtown decoration – on display through Oct. 27.

1. "A Greater Perspective"

Artist: Elmgreen & Dragset

Where: O'Donnell Park, to the left of the walking bridge to the Milwaukee Art Museum

2. "Holiday Home (Milwaukee)"

Artist: Richard Woods

Where: O'Donnell Park

3. "Kitchen Trees"

Artist: B. Wurtz

Where: 931 E. Wisconsin Ave. in front of Coast

4. "Cleft" from the series "Dendroids"

Artist: Roxy Paine

Where: The eastern side of the park in front of the Northwestern Mutual Tower

5. "Penguin"

Artist: John Baldessari

Where: The western side of the park in front of the Northwestern Mutual Tower

6. "Hot Dog Vendor"

Artist: Red Grooms

Where: 875 E. Wisconsin Ave., in front of the small alley just west of the building

7. "Hera (half)"

Artist: Tony Matelli

Where: US Bank building at 777 E. Wisconsin Ave.

8. "Large Boxing Hare on Anvil"

Artist: Barry Flanagan

Where: The west side of the plaza deck at 777 E. Wisconsin Ave.

9. "Séraphine-chérubin" from the series "Big Brother: Teaching Staff for a School of Murderers"

Artist: Max Ernst

Where: 611 E. Wisconsin Ave. (Foxconn building)

10-11. "Handy Warhol and Handy Darling"

Artist: Haas Brothers

Where: 600 E. Wisconsin Ave. (600 East Cafe)

12. "Pensive"

Artist: Radcliffe Bailey

Where: A planter in front of the Wisconsin Club, 500 E. Wisconsin Ave.

13. "Magical Thinking"

Artist: Actual Size Artworks (Gail Simpson and Aris Georgiades)

Where: The Pfister pocket park at 424 E. Wisconsin Ave.

14. "Heavy Metal Stack of Six: Trichrome Blue"

Artist: Angela Bulloch

Where: 411 E. Wisconsin Ave.

15. "Tilted Channel" from "Full Steam Ahead"

Artist: Arlene Shechet

Where: Two-Fifty at 250 E. Wisconsin Ave.

16. "Gild the Lily (Caribbean Hybrid I, II, III)"

Artist: Carlos Rolón

Where: The entrance to Chase Tower at 111 E. Wisconsin Ave.

17-18. "We Are The Ones We've Been Waiting For" and "Empathy for Everyone"

Artist: Sam Durant

Where: 275 W. Wisconsin Ave, in the windows of the Shops at Grand Avenue 

19. "Sun & Moon Protector"

Artist: William J. O'Brien

Where: 211 W. Wisconsin Ave.

20. "Tango Dancers"

Artist: Red Grooms

Where: 310 W. Wisconsin Ave., in the courtyard

21. "Curvae in Curvae"

Artist: Beverly Pepper

Where: 450 W. Wisconsin Ave., off to the side of the Wisconsin Center

22. "Black Stacked Frames"

(PHOTO: Sculpture Milwaukee)

Artist: Sean Scully

Where: Not yet installed, but when completed next week, it can be found at 4th and Wisconsin by the Wisconsin Center

For a full map and more information on each individual piece, visit Sculpture Milwaukee's website

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