By Matt Mueller Culture Editor Published Jun 01, 2017 at 8:16 AM

Almost a month ago, we all got very excited about the announcement of Sculpture Milwaukee, a new outdoor urban sculpture exhibit – featuring 22 pieces of art from 21 artists, including a piece from MAM designer extraordinaire Santiago Calatrava – spread down Wisconsin Avenue through the summer and early fall. 

And now, the new public art exhibit has come together, officially opening today. For those wanting to map out a nice walk down the newly be-sculptured Wisconsin Avenue, here's where you'll be able to find each of the new artworks gracing Downtown's main drag. 

1. "Shoreline Repast"

Artist: Paul Druecke

Where: O'Donnell Park

2. "Reina Mariana"

Artist: Manolo Valdes

Where: 875 E. Wisconsin Ave.

3. "Immigrant Family"

Artist: Tom Otterness

Where: 875 E. Wisconsin Ave. (just west of building)

4. "The Heart Called After the Flood"

Artist: Jim Dine

Where: 777 E. Wisconsin Ave. (planter)

5. "Rose #2 (Icon Red)"

Artist: Will Ryman

Where: 777 E. Wisconsin Ave. (west side of plaza deck)

6. "Mixed Feelings"

Artist: Tony Cragg

Where: 517 E. Wisconsin Ave. 

7. "Big Piney"

Artist: Deborah Butterfield

Where: 500 E. Wisconsin Ave.

8. "Pink Lady (for Asha)"

"Pink Lady (for Asha)" is currently on hold, but will be installed in two weeks.

Artist: Lynda Benglis

Where: 312 E. Wisconsin Ave.

9. "Mood Sculpture"

Artist: Tony Tasset

Where: 411 E. Wisconsin Ave.

10. "Holla"

Artist: Chakaia Booker

Where: 333 E. Wisconsin Ave.

11. "Untitled"

Artist: Michelle Grabner

Where: 301 E. Wisconsin Ave. (planter at Wisconsin Avenue and Broadway)

12. "S2"

Artist: Santiago Calatrava

Where: 111 E. Wisconsin Ave. (east side of building)

13. "Untitled"

Artist: Joel Shapiro

Where: 111 E. Wisconsin Ave. (west side of building)

14. "Safety Cones"

Artist: Dennis Oppenheim

Where: 648 N. Plankinton Ave. (RiverWalk Plaza)

15. "Plant"

Artist: Donald Baechler

Where: 116 W. Wisconsin Ave. (planter)

16. "Arrow Sculpture"

Artist: Tony Tasset

Where: 176 W. Wisconsin Ave.

17. "Tower (Gubbio)"

Artist: Sol LeWitt

Where: 310 W. Wisconsin Ave.

18. "Angled Tangle"

Artist: Jessica Stockholder

Where: 4th Street and Wisconsin Avenue (southwest corner)

19. "Vortex"

Artist: Saint Clair Cemin

Where: 4th Street and Wisconsin Avenue (Wisconsin Center - northwest corner)

20. "Summer"

Artist: Alison Saar

Where: 400 W. Wisconsin Ave.

21. "Zach's Tower"

Artist: John Henry

Where: 5th Street and Wisconsin Avenue (southeast corner)

22. "Legend of the White Snake"

Artist: Jason S. Yi

Where: 580 W. Wisconsin Ave.

Sculpture Milwaukee will remain up until Oct. 22. 

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