By Matt Mueller Culture Editor Published Nov 12, 2015 at 11:46 AM

Sheriff David Clarke wrote up a ticket yesterday afternoon – to himself, after his squad car was seen parked in a handicapped-accessible spot outside of the Milwaukee County War Memorial, as first reported by WTMJ4.

According to the report, the station was alerted to the sheriff's parking snafu by several veterans visiting the War Memorial. 

Sheriff Clarke later released a statement, noting that he had asked a captain to move the car earlier in the day but after leaving a Veterans Day event at the War Memorial, noticed it still in the handicapped-accessible spot. According to Clarke's statement, he ordered a ticket be written, and he paid the $35 fine, as well as a personal $200 donation to "an organization that works with the disabled."

According to the WTMJ4 report, Clarke has also put forward an investigation into the disobeyed order that led to the ticket. 

Matt Mueller Culture Editor

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