By Matt Mueller Culture Editor Published Jul 09, 2019 at 3:59 PM

We're in the throes of summer movie season, with massive releases opening every weekend – with "The Lion King," the new Quentin Tarantino, "Hobbes & Shaw" and many more still to come. But perhaps the biggest big screen opening for Milwaukee this summer isn't a particular movie, but an entire movie theater: Silverspot Cinema, a new boutique theater chain opening its first Wisconsin location on Friday in The Corners of Brookfield. 

Located at 320 Market St., across the street from the shopping complex's future Wahlburgers, the new Silverspot Cinema houses nine film auditoriums – but the first thing you'll likely notice is the bar and restaurant right out front. Silverspot operates like a dinner theater, offering a full menu during showings as well as in its dining and cocktail lounge, called the S Bar. It's a modern space, decorated in warm tans and grays with couch seating, bar seats and high tops – complete with some garage door windows facing into the sidewalk to bring in extra air and sunlight during warmer summer days. The bar and dining area is open to filmgoers wanting a bite before their chosen movie, as well as to those skipping the cinema who just want to grab a meal or a drink.

The menu – available in and out of the auditorium – features a range of options differing from other Silverspot locations. For "the opening credits," or appetizers and shareable, dishes include potatoes bravas – diced potatoes with a spicy tomato sauce, garlic aioli and "chorizo dust" – guacamole, sweet and spicy chicken wings (as well as their vegetarian counterpart, cauliflower wings), fish tacos and, of course, beer-battered Wisconsin cheese curds. 

The "feature presentations" include short rib Mac and cheese, two steak dishes, miso-glazed salmon, a variety of flatbreads and salads, and a selection of sandwiches including the Silverspot signature cheeseburger – a short rib, brisket and chuck patty with cheddar cheese, lettuce, tomato, pickles, onion and the theater's signature sauce, with bacon and fried egg as add-ons for $2 – a veggie burger, a take on a Nashville hot chicken sandwich and an open-faced poutine burger.

And in case that doesn't sound sinful enough, there's also a dessert menu (or "the end credits" to keep belaboring my movie/menu metaphor) featuring a creme brulee cheesecake, a peanut butter pie jar – made with layers of graham crackers, peanut butter mousse, chocolate and dulce de leche whipped cream – and doughnut hole bread pudding. 

If you're like Jules in "Pulp Fiction" and need a tasty beverage to wash this down, the S Bar at Silverspot serves a large menu of options, from draft and bottled beers to multiple wine choices and cocktails ranging from martinis, the Silverspot margarita, mojitos, wine-inspired drinks like sangria and frose, and other classic mixed drinks. 

But these are just the supporting characters; the star of the show at Silverspot is, obviously, the movies themselves, laser-projected and spread across nine screens ranging from 143-seat auditoriums to more intimate 37-seat spaces. Each of those seats recline, include seat warmers with three adjustable levels of heat and have small swiveling platters for eating. Like other dinner theater experiences, if moviegoers are planning on dining in-theater, they should arrive five minutes before the scheduled screening time, where a preshow and trailers will play for a bit during which ordering and food delivery will preferably occur, getting out of the way during the film proper. 

As for the feature presentations themselves, starting on Friday, July 12, Silverspot will show the latest Hollywood releases, along with booking independent selections, live Metropolitan Opera screenings, themed film series and more. As of current writing, its opening weekend lineup of movies includes "Spider-Man: Far From Home," "Yesterday," the rideshare action comedy "Stuber" and the alligator hurricane horror movie "Crawl," but showtimes are still being finalized on the Silverspot website. Tickets cost around $15 for night showings and $12 for matinees, with a $7 ticket special on Tuesdays. 

Oh, and because the Florida-based theater chain did its research before coming to Wisconsin, there is available covered parking with a direct elevator to the theater's lobby. 

For more information on showtimes, tickets and film selections, visit Silverspot's website. And now sit back, relax, silence your cell phones and enjoy your next show! 

Matt Mueller Culture Editor

As much as it is a gigantic cliché to say that one has always had a passion for film, Matt Mueller has always had a passion for film. Whether it was bringing in the latest movie reviews for his first grade show-and-tell or writing film reviews for the St. Norbert College Times as a high school student, Matt is way too obsessed with movies for his own good.

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