By OnMilwaukee Staff Writers   Published May 18, 2002 at 4:18 AM

In the hustle of daily life, meeting new people can seem virtually impossible. And if meeting new people seems difficult, thankfully, it is merely an illusion. In actuality, meeting people has become easy thanks to a number of organizations focused on bringing Milwaukeeans together for friendship and, maybe, an enduring love relationship.

Some surefire ways of increasing the likelihood of meeting someone special are to network, do the things you love to do and be open-minded. While the mindset is up to you, some organizations take it upon themselves to provide the events, leaving you with nothing else to do but relax and do something you enjoy in the company of kindred spirits.


Mile High Adventures is one such group. From Mystery Theater or fruit picking to rock climbing or auto rallies, each month, MHA creates a calendar of nearly 50 activities from which members can choose. Although the majority of these activities take place in the greater Milwaukee area, MHA organizes ski trips in Colorado, cruises in Alaska, and scuba diving in Fiji.

With the emphasis on the events, people participate in activities that are comfortable to them in a setting that draws together people with similar interests. As there is no pressure to date, quality interest-based relationships are formed based on personalities instead on romantic expectations. With more than 1,400 members, MHA brings people between the ages of 21 and 60 together in fun and active environments. Membership fees range from $35-$65 per month. For more information, call 414-456-9494, or visit their website at

Singles Exclusive holds dance events featuring live music in a non-smoking, non-date environment. Welcoming individuals who have never married, are divorced or are widowed, Singles Exclusive has 2,700 members between the ages of 21 and mid-70's.

The dances invite people to interact in a fun, upbeat setting where music and dancing set a mood in which everyone can feel comfortable and safe. Singles Exclusive provides a setting more compatible than a nightclub or bar in that every one is there to socialize. Not only is this a great way to interact with other singles, it's also a good way to kindle new friendships and build fresh networks. There is no joining fee and the dances are reasonably priced. A simple phone call will add your name to the mailing list for upcoming dances. For more information, call 414-933-9290.

A sister to Singles Exclusive, Where Singles Meet (WSM) is a group that promotes and coordinates a variety of singles-oriented events in the area. Headed by Pat Murray, WSM hosts Sunday night dances at the Zoofari Conference Center.

Where Singles Meet and Singles Exclusive are nonprofit organizations, reliant upon volunteers. Their good intentions to bring the singles community of Milwaukee together has had astounding results and has drawn people from beyond the Greater Milwaukee area, reaching Illinois, Green Bay and Madison. Murray is dedicated to keeping Milwaukee's single community informed about upcoming events that suit their individual interests.

"Being single doesn't necessarily mean looking for a relationship," Murray said. "Many people are simply looking for a social setting in which they can find people in their situation, and build new networks."

She also encourages singles to be courageous in getting themselves out and becoming active in the singles community again. Where Singles Meet's hotline is 262-548-4224.

If straight-up dating is up your alley and Cupid's aim has just been a little off, places like Single Attractions may be the best place to start. By using compatibility questionnaires, photographs and both video and non-video programs, Single Attractions is a professional compatibility service for single adults of all ages. Members are pre-screened and confidentiality is assured until both parties exchange personal information on their own terms. For more information, call 414-774-7764.

The newest way to meet people is the 3 minute date concept from Fastdater, Inc. Fastdater is an innovative approach to dating that features 3-minute dates at regular Fastdater parties in the area. If you have little time to date, are fed up with the bar scene or if you're just sick of wasting your time on blind dates, FastDater parties are for you.  Walk away with up to 40 three minute dates for the weekend, from just one Fastdater event. A convenient and quick way to meet other professional singles in the Milwaukee area. More information at

Another way to come across the plethora of Milwaukeeans frolicking on the horizon of romantic possibilities is through personal ads. Singles Choice Magazine is a monthly publication with hundreds of personal ads as well as advice for singles and some important tips for successful dating.

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