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For the eighth straight year, October is Dining Month on, presented by Locavore, the newest restaurant at Potawatomi Hotel & Casino. All month, we're stuffed with restaurant reviews, delectable features, chef profiles and unique articles on everything food, as well as the winners of our "Best of Dining 2014."

It’s Dining Month on and so this week, Social Circlers were asked, aptly, a dining-related question regarding their thoughts on small plate / tapas dining.

It seems many – but not all – are either tired of them, not fans or unenthused about the prices. However, others appreciate the chance to sample and share. But what are your thoughts on small plate dining? Use the Talkback feature below to weigh in.

Pamela Anderson: "I prefer the small plates opposed to the old Wisconsin mentality of two or three dinners on a plate. You typically share / split the bill. Not too pricey. More variety."

Carrie Antlfinger: "I only like them when sharing with one other person. Not a big fan with more people than that. I never feel like I get enough to eat because I'm always afraid of eating more than my portion."

Bryan Atinsky: "It's a great gimmick by restaurants to increase profit by making you get several overly expensive small dishes that result in a higher overall price to you the consumer – and hunger soon after. Here are two braised chunks of pork belly with a bit of balsamic reduction and a half teaspoon of ground shiitake and porcini on a bed of arugula ... thanks for the $14. Restaurants thank you for buying into this trend that self-defined ‘foodies’ can feel so sophisticated about."

Rachel Fell: "Pros: you get to try all sorts of different things which is great for adventurous eaters, and there's this novelty to it all, which is appropriate sometimes as well. Additionally, if you're not that hungry and just want a small something or two with a drink, it's great! The cons, however, outweigh, in my opinion: price point / value disparity and over-saturation of the ‘trend’ in our particular market. That's probably my biggest beef. So long story short to answer yr question, yes. Too many? Perhaps. But no more, please and thank you."

Damien Jaques: "Small plates = large check."

Caroline Johnson: "I like the concept but we have to many in the city. We need more quality dinner places. My out of town company said they have never seen so many."

Tom Julio: "The trend is ‘flavor tasting’ as opposed to ‘eating’ now. This will change when everyone loses five belt notches and gets annoyed by being hit on by Harrison Ford."

Lydia LeVieux: "I love small plates, I love being able to taste a number of things during one meal – the same reason I tolerate buffets – and normally the presentation is beautiful. Small plate dining has the potential to be really amazing, and I don't think there are too many small plate restaurants. I just wish there were more I felt were worth my dollars."

Lisa Malmorowski: "My joke every time a new restaurant opens is ‘lemme guess – small plates, local ingredients, craft cocktails?’ So, yes. Yes there are. Don't get me wrong, I really like some of these places, but it makes me sigh. Why aren't we getting more world fusion restaurants? Or noodle houses like Tochi's. How about a really nice Indian restaurant – I still miss Dancing Ganesha. Or a lovely Japanese place – Nanakusa RIP. I'd like to see an authentic tapas bar too. You know, bar based, Spanish foods, authentically small plates."

Meg Watt McKenna: "I love the portion size of small plates but I'm 'over' the term."

Ted Perry: "I was just bummed it wasn't ‘topless’ but ‘tapas.’ Imagine my embarrassment when I was escorted out."

Lisa Roe: "Love small plate! As a person with a food intolerance, it's much easier to work around small plates and still try a variety of things."

Melissa Scherrer: "OMG yes. Popular topic of conversation right now."

Amy Taylor: "Dislike!"

Carrie Ann Wisniewski: "Yes. I love small plates as a rule. But even bars offer small plates now. Every restaurant had a small plate option. Maybe just plate smaller portions?"