By OnMilwaukee Staff Writers   Published Apr 21, 2011 at 1:02 PM

Welcome to a new weekly segment called "Social Circle." It's's first article that's truly a group effort between readers, social networkers and the editors.

Every Monday, we will ask a question via Facebook and Twitter and then post the responses from our Facebook "likers" and Twitter followers in the Thursday column. Well-known Milwaukee movers-and-shakers will contribute as well.

This week, we asked the question "What childhood memories do all lifelong Milwaukeeans share?" and the responses were fast and furious. We received almost 100 responses in a 24-hour period.

The responses are posted in the order they were received and we did not post repeats. Some of these will trigger memories long forgotten, some will introduce you to a piece of Milwaukee history and all of them are important to the collective Milwaukeee experience.

Thanks, life-long Milwaukeeans. And readers, feel free to add your childhood Milwaukee memories via the Talkback feature!

The ice rink at Mayfair Mall.
Katie Johnson

Samson. Getting those wax molds at the zoo.
Velia Tarnoff

Going to Summerfest practically every day from age 14 to 16 to get in free with the gold pin.
Courtney Baran

The park at the Milwaukee County Hospital grounds before Froedert moved in. We fished in ponds, flew kites and pretended we were in the woods.
Sally Nordstrom

The glass bottom gazebo at Mayfair Mall with all the goldfish. Also, Mainstream Records on 76th Street.
Patrick Fox

People putting soap in the fountain on Downer Avenue.
William Bunyon

Going to see Ali Baba & The 40 Thieves at the Pabst, Old Word Wisconsin and the Public Museum.
Jenny Olin-Fox

Uncle Paul took us to the record store in the basement of the Plankinton Arcade, where we recorded a record of us kids singing and laughing.
Chris Krajniak

Going to Farrell's for birthday parties at Northridge and ordering something called "the zoo." Also, going to Atwater Beach and taking the tram down the hill to get there, smelt fishing at Big Bay Beach and going to see all of the racy clothing at Merry Go Round at Southridge and Northridge.
Beth Braun

Dandelion Park.
Tracey Sheasby

Long, summer days at Hoyt Pool in Tosa and Bradford Beach. Anybody remember a train on the ceiling at Gimbel's?
Early Thomas

Burgers and frozen custard at Al's, bowling at Red Carpet Lanes, ice cream at Boy Blue, skating at Rollero and movies at the Avalon.
David Reichert

I remember the train. I think they called it a Monorail. Also, Tasty Town at Gimbel's.
Carole Ross

1812 Overture (record shop) and the Bugle American (free newspaper.) Also, Century Hall, Murray Tap and the Gordon Park Pub.
Geoff Carter

The Red Barn on Oakland where the Goodwill now stands.
Mitchell Wakefield

Around 27th and College we pursued our degrees in coolness at Wisconsin Skate University (with Professor Wheelie!) Also, field trips to The Domes and Albert the Alley Cat announcing the weather on TV.
Monica Thomas

Sweet Doomed Angel, Earwax, Tobacco Road.
Troy Lucas

The dunking of Bo Bo The Clown at the State Fair Midway. "High and dry."
Dave Mikolajak

The treasure chest at the Captain's Steak Joint at Mayfair Mall.
Adam Levin

I've only been living here 15 years and I miss the drive-in movie theater, Chocolate Factory on Prospect Avenue, Schwartz Bookshop downtown and the Gas Light Pub on Jackson.
Meshie Schaefer

The Oriental Drug Store lunch counter, Packers games at County Stadium, Johnson's Park Mini Golf. I could go on and on about these and other long-lost treasures.
Laurie Marks

Buying wax figures at the Zoo! I will never forget that smell!
Elizabeth Kay

The "Love" rock in Lake Michigan and the swimming pool at Gordon Park. Dick Bacon.
Jeanette Alred

Going to the Downtown office buildings at Christmas to look at the decorations.
Eliysabeth Reichman

The stack of onion rings at the counter inside the funny little store on Mitchell Street. Century Hall. Peaches Records.
Kendall Yahr

The white tiger at the zoo. Winterfest. The Candy Wagon on Downer Avenue. The Boardwalk (even though I was too young to got there.) Also, the old Beans and Barley, before it burned down.
Melanie Chester

Climbing on Old Smokey. He was on the Bay View side of the harbor, before the bridge.
Christina Ward

Anyone else hooked on Oriental Drugs?
Milo Miller

Echo Bowl, the IHOP on Oakland Avenue, County Stadium, Lixx, "little" Winkie's on Hampton and going to that sausage factory by the Humboldt Street bridge with my mom and getting a free slice of bologna every time.
Laura Hoffmann Stratte

Remember when Boston Shore at Bayshore had a diner upstairs with pinball machines in it? When the First Wisconsin was in the old building on Water and Wisconsin? My father had an office in there, and everything was wood paneling and black leather, even on the walls.

And how about The Norman, the big old flophouse apartment building by the Greyhound station that burned to the ground in 45 minutes?
Erik Orstavik

Turning 18 and going to the Safe House because I could legally drink!
Kath Gibson

Samson flipping the bird.
Michael Buehler

Brewster's, the Potato Brothers shop, being able to write down requests for old movies to be shown at the Oriental in that big book they kept at the counter and climbing on top of the Coffee Trader with Kendall and Jason and watching the people below through the skylights.
Janet Boehlke

Club Marilym. The Attic West. The Chi Chi's at Northridge. Nino's Steakhouse. The video game arcade at Northridge. Roller skating at Starlite. TA Vern's. Buzzdom's.
Sherwin Hughes

I may be dating myself, but anyone remember Feats? Also, Funland and Video Starr on Oakland.
Mary Thompson

Webster's Cafe and bookstore. I was one of those who started the bubbles in the fountain on Downer Avenue. One of my fondest memories!
Anne Bisone

The Unicorn, The Globe East and Wilson Park parade.
Michael Ray

Waiting in line with trepidation to visit Santa Claus at the Kooky Cookie Haus at Capitol Court.
David Brannan

The tightrope-balancing bear at The Grand Avenue.
Sarah Zubarik

Southgate Mall and Treasure Island.
Laurel Raven-Larue

Dutchland Dairy, Farmer Vick's, Howard and Rosemary's "Dialing for Dollars." And the old lady in the rocking chair in the "Streets of Old Milwaukee" at the museum.
Ann Urisym

The junkyard exhibit at the museum.
Daniel Osbourne